Homochitto National Forest

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Homochitto National Forest
Map showing the location of Homochitto National Forest
Map showing the location of Homochitto National Forest
Location Mississippi, United States
Nearest city Brookhaven, MS
Coordinates 31°30′11″N 90°59′55″W / 31.503056°N 90.998611°W / 31.503056; -90.998611
Latitude and Longitude:

31°30′11″N 90°59′55″W / 31.503056°N 90.998611°W / 31.503056; -90.998611
Area191,839 acres (776.34 km2) [1]
EstablishedJuly 20, 1936 [2]
Governing body U.S. Forest Service
Website National Forests in Mississippi

Homochitto National Forest is a U.S. National Forest in southwestern Mississippi comprising 191,839 acres (776.34 km2). In the mid-1930s, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) began reforestation of the area and developing a system of roadways and recreational areas.


In descending order of land area the forest is located in parts of:

Flora and fauna

The flora of the Homochitto National Forest consists of about 850 species of vascular plants. [3] [4] The rivers and streams of the forest are rather poor in bivalve diversity, but at least eight species of freshwater mussels are known, with perhaps as many as 11 species possible. [5] [6] Three species of winter stoneflies have been collected from the Homochitto National Forest, [7] including one that was later described as a new species, Allocapnia starki. [8]


The forest is headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi, as are all six National Forests in Mississippi. There are local ranger district offices located in Meadville.


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