Flag of Los Angeles

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City of Los Angeles
Flag of Los Angeles, California
Flag of Los Angeles, California
Designed byRoy E. Silent and E.S. Jones

The flag of Los Angeles, California, consists of a background of three notched stripes of green, gold and red. The colors represent olive trees (green), orange groves (gold) and vineyards (red). The flag was designed by Roy E. Silent and E.S. Jones in 1931 for the Los Angeles sesquicentennial from 1781.

The city seal is shown in the center of the flag. Surrounding the shield are representations of three major Californian crops: grapes, olives, and oranges. The seal contains a heraldic shield quartered showing:

  1. an approximation of the shield shown on the Great Seal of the United States, though the blue chief features thirteen stars;
  2. an approximation of the flag of California;
  3. an approximation of the coat of arms of Mexico;
  4. a tower and lion of the Kingdom of Castile and the Kingdom of León, representing the arms of Spain.

The flag received brief international prominence when, during the closing of the 1980 Moscow Olympics, it was raised instead of the United States flag as a symbol of the next Olympic host. [1] The move was seen as a response to the American-led boycott of the Moscow Olympics.[ citation needed]

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