Homage to King

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Homage to King
Homage to King.jpg
Location of the sculpture
Artist Xavier Medina Campeny
Year1996 (1996)
Subject Martin Luther King, Jr.
Location Atlanta, Georgia
Coordinates 33°45′36″N 84°22′21″W / 33.759930°N 84.372468°W / 33.759930; -84.372468
Latitude and Longitude:

33°45′36″N 84°22′21″W / 33.759930°N 84.372468°W / 33.759930; -84.372468
Website Homage to King, Freedom Park Conservancy

Homage to King is a 1996 sculpture by Xavier Medina Campeny. It is located at the southwest corner of Freedom Parkway and Boulevard in Atlanta, Georgia in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood.The work portrays Martin Luther King, Jr. outstretching his arms, representing a welcome to those visiting the Martin Luther King, Jr., National Historic Site. [1] [2] The location is also one of an oft-used view of the Downtown Atlanta skyline. [3]

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