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The Port of Brunswick and the Sidney Lanier Bridge.
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The Port of Brunswick is an Atlantic seaport located in Brunswick, Georgia, United States, in the southeast corner of the state. It is one of four ports operated by the Georgia Ports Authority.

The Port of Brunswick is one of the nation's most productive ports on the Atlantic coast. The shrimping industry is still important economically; the city was once called The Shrimp Capital of the World due to the plentiful wild shrimp (also known as Georgia White Shrimp) harvested in its local sounds and along local beaches and sandbar sloughs.

Imported products include wood pulp, paper products, wheat, soybeans, and heavy machinery. Brunswick is the primary U.S. port of automobile imports for manufacturers Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche, Mitsubishi and Volvo.

Ford, GM and Mercedes export vehicles through Port of Brunswick. Other exports include agricultural products such as barley malt, corn and oats; other bulk cargo includes cement, gypsum, limestone, perlite, salt and sand.


In 1789, President George Washington proclaimed Brunswick as one of the five original ports of entry for the thirteen colonies.

During the American Civil War, the city prospered.

In World War II, 99 Liberty ships were built for the Merchant Marine.

During the war years, the traditional Blessing of the Fleet in Brunswick was begun.

Latitude and Longitude:

31°07′45″N 81°32′38″W / 31.1290591°N 81.5440113°W / 31.1290591; -81.5440113


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