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No is a word in English, which may be used as:

No (and variant writings) may also refer to:

Alphanumeric symbols


Arts and entertainment

Film and television



  • No (album), by Old Man Gloom, 2012
  • No!, a 2002 album by They Might Be Giants


Other media

  • No or Noh, a style of Japanese theatre
  • Dr. No (novel), a 1958 James Bond book by Ian Fleming

Businesses and organizations

Science and technology

  • Normally open, a type of electrical switch
  • Nitric oxide (NO), a chemical substance
  • Nobelium (No), a chemical element
  • Norway (ISO 3166-1 country code NO)
    • Norwegian language (ISO 639-1 code "no"), a North Germanic language that is also the official language of Norway
    • .no, the internet ccTLD for Norway

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