Newton Butte

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Newton Butte
Yaqui Point Grand Canyon sunrise 1986.jpg
(foreground view of O’Neill Butte)
lower Pattie Butte (left), Newton Butte (right), on next ridgeline
Highest point
Elevation5,940 ft (1,811 m)  [1]
Prominence520 ft (158 m)  [1]
Coordinates 36°03′37″N 112°03′11″W / 36.060261°N 112.0529447°W / 36.060261; -112.0529447
Latitude and Longitude:

36°03′37″N 112°03′11″W / 36.060261°N 112.0529447°W / 36.060261; -112.0529447
Newton Butte is located in Arizona
Newton Butte
Newton Butte
Location Grand Canyon National Park
Coconino County, Arizona, U.S.
Topo map USGS Phantom Ranch
Mountain type Coconino Sandstone (prominence),
Hermit Formation, Supai Group (redbeds), Muav Limestone

Newton Butte, in the Grand Canyon, Arizona, United States is a prominence below the South Rim, northwest of Grandview Point, and north on a ridgeline from Shoshone Point which is one mile east of Yaki Point, East Rim Drive. Shoshone Point and Yaki are both on access roads from East Rim Drive, with Yaki being the more advantageous to different viewing directions.

Newton Butte is 5,940 feet (1,811 m), [1] and located on a point/ridge, just south of Granite Gorge on the Colorado River. The point location of Newton Butte extends due north from an intermediate point on the South Rim, Shoshone Point, [3] which at the end of the Newton Butte point ridgeline, also forms the west perimeter of the Lonetree Canyon drainage, into Granite Gorge.

Just north of Newton Butte, 3/4 mi on the end of the point, is Pattie Butte, a lower elevation prominence, 5,306 feet (1,617 m). [3]

Two hiking trails are closest to Newton Butte. Across Granite Gorge, views south can be made from the Clear Creek Trail, at lower elevations or as it climbs past Zoroaster Canyon to ridgelines at the west of Clear Creek. The Tonto Trail on the Tonto Platform, south side of Granite Gorge, has the closest hiking points near the bottom elevations of Newton Butte.

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Newton Butte can be viewed from the South Rim viewpoints from Yavapai Point, Yaki Point, Shoshone Point, or Grandview Point. Access to East Rim Drive. South Rim, is from the east, on Arizona State Route 64, from US 89. A west access to East Rim Drive is from Williams, Arizona, or Flagstaff, by way of U.S. Route 180 in Arizona.


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