National Mining Association

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National Mining Association
National Mining Association Logo.jpg
Logo of the National Mining Association
MottoThe Official Voice of U.S. Mining
Headquarters101 Constitution Ave. NW, Suite 500 East, Washington, D.C. 20001
Phillips S. Baker, Jr.
Vice Chairman of the Board
John Eaves
Key people
Hal Quinn
Rich Nolan
Bruce Watzman
Katie Sweeney
Ashley Burke
Roger Roberts
Moya Phelleps

The National Mining Association (NMA) is a United States trade organization that lists itself as the voice of the mining industry in Washington, D.C. NMA was formed in 1995, and has more than 300 corporate members.


The National Mining Association was created in 1995. The organization was formed through the merger of the National Coal Association (NCA) and the American Mining Congress (AMC). These two organizations had represented the mining industry since 1897 (AMC) and 1917 (NCA). [1]

Mission and objectives

The NMA's mission is "to create and maintain a broad base of political support for the mining industry and to help the nation realize the economic and national security benefits of America's domestic mining capability." [1]

The objective of the NMA is "to engage in and influence the public policy process on the most significant and timely issues that impact our ability to locate, permit, mine, process, transport and utilize the nation's vast coal and mineral resources." [1]

The NMA serves its membership through the following actions:

  • Promoting the production and use of coal and mineral resources produced by the U.S. mining industry;
  • Establishing a political presence in the Nation's Capital on behalf of NMA's membership;
  • Serving as an information center for and a single voice of the U.S. mining industry[ citation needed]; and
  • Addressing the current and future needs of the industry, mining equipment manufacturers and support services members of the association. [1]



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