List of elementary schools in Hawaii

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This is a list of elementary schools in the U.S. state of Hawaiʻi.



School Name City Grades Establishment Charter
Abraham Lincoln Elementary Honolulu K-5 1908
Admiral Chester W. Nimitz Elementary Honolulu K-6 1954
ʻĀina Haina Elementary Honolulu K-5 1951
Ala Wai Elementary Honolulu K-5 1954
Aliamanu Elementary Honolulu K-6 1957
Aliʻiolani Elementary Honolulu K-5 1925
Education Laboratory NCPCS Honolulu K-12 2001 charter
Ewa Elementary Honolulu K-12 1882
Fern Elementary Honolulu K-5 1924
Hahaʻione Elementary Honolulu K-5 1967
Halau Lokahi NCPCS Honolulu K-12 2001 charter
Lt.Col Horace Meek Hickam Elementary Honolulu K-6 1950
Hokulani Elementary Honolulu K-5 1958
Kaʻewai Elementary Honolulu K-5 1956
Kahala Elementary Honolulu K-6 1954
Kalihi Elementary Honolulu K-5 1954
Kalihi Kai Elementary Honolulu K-5 1913
Kalihi Uka Elementary Honolulu K-5 1920
Kalihi Waena Elementary Honolulu K-5 1888
Kamiloʻiki Elementary Honolulu K-5 1970
Kapālama Elementary Honolulu K-5 1927
Kauluwela Elementary Honolulu K-5 1888
Ke Kula Kaiapuni ʻo Ānuenue Honolulu K-12 1958
King William C. Lunalilo Elementary Honolulu K-5 1923
Koko Head Elementary Honolulu K-5 1954
Lanakila Elementary Honolulu K-5 1925
Liholiho Elementary Honolulu K-5 1926
Likelike Elementary Honolulu K-5 1922
Liliʻuokalani Elementary Honolulu K-6 1912
Linapuni Elementary Honolulu K-2 1965
Maʻemaʻe Elementary Honolulu K-6 1896
Major General William R. Shafter Elementary Honolulu K-6 1966
Makalapa Elementary Honolulu K-6 1971
Mānoa Elementary Honolulu K-6 1945
Mayor John H. Wilson Elementary Honolulu K-6 1961
Mililani Mauka Elementary Honolulu K-5 1993
Moanalua Elementary Honolulu K-6 1961
Mokulele Elementary Honolulu K-6 1960
Myron Thompson Academy NCPCS Honolulu K-12 2001 charter
Noelani Elementary Honolulu K-6 1962
Nuʻuanu Elementary Honolulu K-5 1960
Palolo Elementary Honolulu K-5 1921
Pauoa Elementary Honolulu K-5 1847
Pearl Harbor Elementary Honolulu K-6 1956
Pearl Harbor Kai Elementary Honolulu K-6 1943
President Thomas Jefferson Elementary Honolulu K-5 1933
Prince Jonah Kūhiō Elementary Honolulu K-5 1884
Princess Victoria Kaʻiulani Elementary Honolulu K-5 1899
Puʻuhale Elementary Honolulu K-5 1929
Queen Kaʻahumanu Elementary Honolulu K-5 1900
Red Hill Elementary Honolulu K-6 1968
Royal Elementary Honolulu K-5 1839
Salt Lake Elementary Honolulu K-6 1970
Voyager PCS Honolulu K-8 2000 charter
Waiʻalae Elementary PCS Honolulu K-5 1927 charter
Waikiki Elementary Honolulu K-6 1880
Wailupe Valley Elementary Honolulu K-5 1958

Solomon Elementary School

Solomon Elementary's namesake was a member of the Wolfhounds. The dedication of the original campus was on November 11, 1969 while the dedication of the current facility occurred on November 9, 2019. [1] In the 2016-2017 school year it had 933 students. The Department of Defense’s Office of Economic Adjustment funded the construction of the current campus with a $70,248,901. [2] The State of Hawaii added an additional $20,000,000 to the funding. The current campus has four buildings, with each up to two stories tall, and a capacity of above 800. These buildings have 63 classrooms total. [3]

Inouye Elementary School

Inouye Elementary opened in 1959 as Hale Kula Elementary School, and it was given its current name on April 19, 2016. [4]

Pearl Harbor Elementary School

In 2003 the Hawaii Senate voted $2,500,000 to plan, design, and construct a library for the school. [5]

The Hawaii Federal Fire Department chose this school to launch the 2004 Fire Prevention Week on October 5, 2004. [6]

Kindergarten teacher Ruth Komatsu was named in January 1997 as one of Hawaii's Top Teachers. [7]

Notable alumni:

Red Hill Elementary School

The campus boasts two 1976 sculptures by Claude Horan, Hoʻolaulea and Cecil. [9]

Red Hill Elementary has recognized as a 2014 National Blue Ribbon School. [10]


Greater Oʻahu

Hauʻula Elementary School


School Name City Grades Establishment Charter
Ahuimanu Elementary Kaneohe K-6 1973
Aiea Elementary Aiea K-6 1925
Alvah A. Scott Elementary Aiea K-6 1956
ʻAikahi Elementary Kailua K-6 1960
August Ahrens Elementary Waipahu K-6 1924
Barbers Point Elementary Kapolei K-5 1954
Blanche Pope Elementary Waimanalo K-6 1964
Daniel K. Inouye Elementary Wahiawa K-5 1959
Enchanted Lake Elementary Kailua K-6 1963
Ewa Beach Elementary Ewa Beach K-6 1959
Ewa Elementary Ewa Beach K-6 1922
Gustav H. Webling Elementary Aiea K-6 1967
Haleʻiwa Elementary Haleiwa K-6 1871
Hauʻula Elementary Hauula K-6 1900
Heʻeia Elementary Kaneohe K-6 1960
Helemano Elementary Wahiawa K-5 1956
Holomua Elementary Ewa Beach K-6 1995
Honowai Elementary Waipahu K-6 1967
Iliahi Elementary Wahiawa K-5 1963
Iroquois Point Elementary Ewa Beach K-6 1960
Ka Waihona o ka Naʻauao NCPCS Waiʻanae K-8 2001 charter
Kaʻaʻawa Elementary Kaaawa K-6 1904
Kaʻala Elementary Wahiawa K-5 1958
Kaʻelepulu Elementary Kailua K-6 1973
Kahaluʻu Elementary Kaneohe K-6 1963
Kahuku Elementary Kahuku K-6 1988
Kailua Elementary Kailua K-6 1940
Kaʻimiloa Elementary Ewa Beach K-6 1972
Kainalu Elementary Kailua K-6 1954
Kaleiʻopuʻu Elementary Waipahu K-6 1989
Kamaile Academy PCS Waianae K-6 1989 charter
Kāneʻohe Elementary Kaneohe K-6 1956
Kanoelani Elementary Waipahu K-6 1982
Kaʻōhao PCS Kailua K-6 1963 charter
Kapolei Elementary Kapolei K-5 1993
Kapunahala Elementary Kaneohe K-6 1962
Ke Kula ʻo Samuel M. Kamakau Lab PCS Kaneʻohe K-12 2001 charter
Keolu Elementary Kailua K-6 1961
Keoneʻula Elementary Ewa Beach K-6 2007
Kipapa Elementary Mililani K-5 1932
Lāʻie Elementary Laie K-6 1927
Lehua Elementary Pearl City K-6 1965
Leihoku Elementary Waianae K-6 1980
Māʻili Elementary Waianae K-6 1963
Major Sheldon Wheeler Elementary Wahiawa K-5 1926
Makaha Elementary Waianae K-6 1960
Makakilo Elementary Kapolei K-5 1968
Manana Elementary Pearl City K-6 1969
Mauka Lani Elementary Kapolei K-5 1973
Maunawili Elementary Kailua K-6 1958
Mililani ʻIke Elementary Mililani K-5 2004
Mililani Mauka Elementary Mililani K-5 1993
Mililani Uka Elementary Mililani K-5 1974
Mililani Waena Elementary Mililani K-5 1971
Mokapu Elementary Kailua K-6 1960
Momilani Elementary Pearl City K-6 1972
Nānāikapono Elementary Waianae K-6 1933
Nānākuli Elementary Waianae K-6 1977
Palisades Elementary Pearl City K-6 1965
Pearl City Elementary Pearl City K-6 1956
Pearl City Highlands Elementary Pearl City K-6
Pearl Ridge Elementary Aiea K-6 1972
Pohakea Elementary Ewa Beach K-6 1963
Pūʻōhala Elementary Kaneohe K-6 1967
Reverend Benjamin Parker Elementary Kaneohe K-6 1927
Solomon Elementary Wahiawa K-5 1968
Sunset Beach Elementary School Haleiwa K-6 1973
Wahiawa Elementary Wahiawa K-5 1948
Waiahole Elementary Kaneohe K-6 1883
Waialua Elementary Waialua K-6 1966
Waiʻanae Elementary Waianae K-6 1918
Waiau Elementary Pearl City K-6 1974
Waikele Elementary Waipahu K-6 1998
Waimalu Elementary Aiea K-6 1960
Waimānalo Elementary & Intermediate Waimanalo K-8 1925
Waipahu Elementary Waipahu K-6 1918



School Name City Grades Establishment
Niʻihau High & Elementary Waimea K-12 1904



School Name City Grades Establishment Charter
ʻEleʻele Elementary Eleele K-5 1911
Elsie H. Wilcox Elementary Lihue K-5 1881
Hanalei Elementary Hanalei K-6 1881
Kalaheo Elementary Kalaheo K-5 1903
Kanuikapono PCS Anahola K-12 2001 charter
Kapaʻa Elementary Kapaa K-5 1964
Kawaikini NCPCS Lihue K-12 2008 charter
Ke Kula Niʻihau o Kekaha PCS Kekaha K-12 2001 charter
Kekaha Elementary Kekaha K-5 1888
Kilauea Elementary Kilauea K-6 1921
King Kaumualiʻi Elementary Lihue K-5 1990
Koloa Elementary Koloa K-5 1877
Kula Aupuni Niʻihau A Kahelelani Aloha Makaweli K-12 2001 charter



School Name City Grades Establishment Charter
Kaunakakai Elementary Kaunakakai K-6 1908
Kilohana Elementary Kaunakakai K-6 1935
Kualapuu Elementary NCPCCS Kualapuu K-6 1962 charter
Maunaloa Elementary Maunaloa K-6 1927


The only school in Lānaʻi is Lānaʻi High & Elementary School.



School Name City Grades Establishment Charter
Haʻikū Elementary Haiku K-5 1920
Hāna High and Elementary School Hana K-12 1912
Kahului Elementary Kahului K-5 1960
Kamaliʻi Elementary Kihei K-5 1996
Kihei Elementary Kihei K-5 1977
Kihei Charter Kihei K-12 2001 charter
King Kamehameha III Elementary Lahaina K-5 1957
Kula Elementary Kula K-5 1964
Lihikai Elementary Kahului K-5 1965
Makawao Elementary Makawao K-5 1936
Pāʻia Elementary Paia K-5 1908
Pōmaikaʻi Elementary Kahului K-5 2007
Princess Nāhiʻenaʻena Elementary Lahaina K-5 1988
Puʻu Kukui Elementary Wailuku K-5 2012
Pukalani Elementary Pukalani K-5 1976
Waiheʻe Elementary Wailuku K-5 1879
Wailuku Elementary Wailuku K-5 1904


Big Island


School Name City Grades Establishment Charter
Chiefess Kapiʻolani Elementary Hilo K-6 1922
Connections PCS Hilo K-10 2000 charter
Ernest Bowen de Silva Elementary Hilo K-6 1959
Haʻaheo Elementary Hilo K-6 1900
Hawaii Academy of Arts & Science PCS Pahoa K-12 2001 charter
Hilo Union Hilo K-6 1912
Holualoa Elementary Holualoa K-5 1896
Honaunau Elementary Captain Cook K-5 1901
Honokaʻa Elementary Honokaa K-6 1889
Hoʻokena Elementary Captain Cook K-5 1931
Innovations PCS Kailua-Kona K-8 2001 charter
Ka ʻUmeke Kāʻeo PCS Hilo K-6 2001 charter
Kahakai Elementary Kailua-Kona K-5 1982
Kanu o ka ʻĀina New Century PCS Kamuela K-12 2000 charter
Kaʻū High and Pāhala Elementary Pahala K-12 1881
Kaʻūmana Elementary Hilo K-6 1904
Ke Kula ʻo ʻEhunuikaimalino Kealakekua K-12
Ke Kula ʻo Nāwahīokalaniʻōpuʻu Iki Lab PCS Keaʻau K-6 2001 charter
Keaʻau Elementary Keaʻau K-5 1998
Kealakehe Elementary Kailua-Kona K-5 1968
Keaukaha Elementary Hilo K-6 1930
Keonepoko Elementary Pahoa K-6 1991
Kohala Elementary Kapaau K-5 1901
Kona Pacific PCS K-5 2008 charter
Konawaena Elementary Kealakekua K-5 1963
Laupāhoehoe High & Elementary School Laupahoehoe K-12 1904
Mountain View Elementary Mountain View K-5 1902
Nā Wai Ola PCS Kurtistown K-12 2000 charter
Naʻalehu School Naalehu K-6 1928
Paʻauilo Elementary & Intermediate Paauilo K-9 1951
Pahoa Elementary Pahoa K-6 1910
Prince Jonah Kūhiō Kalanianaʻole Elementary & Intermediate Papaikou K-8 1884
Volcano School Arts/Sciences PCS Volcano K-8 2001 charter
Waiākea Elementary Hilo K-5 1963
Waiākeawaena Elementary Hilo K-5 1909
Waikoloa Elementary & Middle Waikoloa K-8 1994
Waimea Elementary Kamuela K-5 1966


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