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East Molokai.jpg
Eastern Molokai with a portion of Kamakou and Molokai Forest Reserve
Highest point
Elevation4,961 ft (1,512 m)  [1]
Prominence4,961 ft (1,512 m)
Listing US most prominent peaks 127th
Coordinates 21°6′23″N 156°52′06″W / 21.10639°N 156.86833°W / 21.10639; -156.86833
Latitude and Longitude:

21°6′23″N 156°52′06″W / 21.10639°N 156.86833°W / 21.10639; -156.86833
Language of name Hawaiian
Kamakou is located in Molokai and Lanai
Kamakou is located in Hawaii
Kamakou (Hawaii)
Location Molokai, Hawaii, U.S.
Parent range Hawaiian Islands
Topo map USGS
Mountain type Shield volcano (extinct)
Volcanic arc/ belt Hawaiian–Emperor seamount chain

Kamakou is the highest peak on the island of Molokai, at 4,961 feet (1,512 m). It is part of the extinct East Molokai shield volcano, which comprises the east side of the island. [2] Kamakou is located within the 2,774 acres (11.23 km2; 4.334 sq mi) Molokai Forest Reserve, [3] estimated to contain more than 250 rare native Hawaiian plants, many of which exist only in this part of the world. [4] Rare birds can also be found, with two examples being the olomaʻo (Molokai thrush) and kākāwahie (Molokai creeper). Monthly tours are held by The Nature Conservancy. [5]

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