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Kaala Plateau USGS.jpg
Plateau at the summit of Mount Kaʻala
Highest point
Elevation4,025 ft (1,227 m)  [1]
Prominence4,025 ft (1,227 m)
Coordinates 21°30′25″N 158°08′34″W / 21.50694°N 158.14278°W / 21.50694; -158.14278
Latitude and Longitude:

21°30′25″N 158°08′34″W / 21.50694°N 158.14278°W / 21.50694; -158.14278
Language of name Hawaiian
PronunciationHawaiian pronunciation:  [kəˈʔɐlə]
Kaʻala is located in Hawaii
Hawaiian Islands
Location Oahu, Hawaii, US
Parent range Waianae Range
Topo map USGS Haleiwa
Age of rock3.9 Ma
Mountain type Plateau
Volcanic arc/ belt Hawaiian-Emperor seamount chain

Kaʻala or Mount Kaʻala (pronounced [kəˈʔɐlə] in Hawaiian) is the highest mountain on the island of Oahu, at 4,025 feet (1,227 m). It is a part of the Waianae Range, an eroded shield volcano on the west side of the island. The FAA maintains an active tracking station at the summit, which is closed to the general public and secured by the US Army which is stationed at the base of the mountain, at Schofield Barracks. The tracking station can be clearly seen from afar as a white domed shaped structure.

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