Eramosa River

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Eramosa River
Eramosa River in Guelph Ontario early spring.jpg
Flooded Eramosa River in Guelph in early spring
Country Canada
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ locationNear Erin, Ontario
 ⁃ location
Speed River at Guelph, Ontario

The Eramosa River is a river in Wellington County in southwestern Ontario which rises near Erin, Ontario, and flows southwest through the city of Guelph, where it joins the Speed River, which then enters the Grand River in Cambridge. [1] Many believe the river is named after the Indigenous Mississauga word um-ne-mo-sah, meaning "dead dog." [2]

Eramosa at confluence with Speed River, Guelph, Oct. 2008

The river flows through an area covered with several hundred glacial potholes near Rockwood, one of the largest being the Devil's Well, 13.1 metres (43 ft) deep, 6.4 metres (21 ft) wide at the top and 4.9 metres (16 ft) at its base. [3]

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Latitude and Longitude:

43°32′25″N 80°14′23″W / 43.54028°N 80.23972°W / 43.54028; -80.23972