Dewey Marsh, Wisconsin

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Dewey Marsh, April 2015

The Dewey Marsh is a state wildlife area in Portage County, Wisconsin, United States.


The Dewey Marsh is located in central Wisconsin approximately five to ten miles north of Stevens Point (Lat: 44° 38' 33.6", Lon: -89° 33' 40.6") in the center of the town of Dewey.


The Dewey Marsh began its early days as a hunting and fishing trading post with the local Native Americans. [1] The Dewey Marsh was later purchased by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to preserve its wetland heritage. [2] The Dewey Marsh suffered a great fire in 1974, which burned in the bogs until 1976.

Today, the Dewey Marsh is noted for its public lands and the County's Dewey's Shooting Range. [3]


Latitude and Longitude:

44°39′36″N 89°32′13″W / 44.66000°N 89.53694°W / 44.66000; -89.53694