Deer Creek (Arizona)

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Deer Creek is a stream that flows through the western Grand Canyon to the Colorado River. A series of springs provide a continuous base flow to Deer Creek. During periods of intense rainfall, Deer Creek can experience severe flash flooding. In the final half mile above the Colorado River, Deer Creek flows through a narrow slot canyon before plunging over a 150 feet (46 m) waterfall named Deer Creek Falls.

Deer Creek, with Tapeats Sandstone, in lower Deer Creek.

Deer Creek and its waterfall are a popular stopping point for river trips through the Grand Canyon. Backpackers also enjoy the hike from the North Rim into the area. The Surprise Valley trail connects the Deer Creek Drainage with the adjacent Thunder River/ Tapeats Creek drainage.

The remains of David Gowan, a well-known pioneer, were buried just where they were found beside the Creek. [1] Today, the grave site is marked and preserved.

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Latitude and Longitude:

36°23′53″N 112°30′20″W / 36.3980°N 112.5055°W / 36.3980; -112.5055