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Bartram Educational Forest [1] (also known as Bartram State Forest [2]) is an educational program component of the Baldwin Forest, a 2,113-acre (9 km2) state forest in Baldwin County, Georgia, United States. [3] The forest was named in honor of naturalists John Bartram (1699-1777) and his son William Bartram (1739-1823). [1]

It is located in the city of Milledgeville at geographic coordinates 33°01.290′N 83°12.284′W / 33.021500°N 83.204733°W / 33.021500; -83.204733. It occupies property formerly used as a farm for patients of nearby Central State Hospital. It serves four major functions, the first of which is timber production and management. Income raised from sale of timber (predominantly Loblolly Pine) on the property supports the upkeep of the forest. Second, Bartram Forest is also a place for wildlife cultivation and refuge. Hunting is popular in the region, and Bartram Forest allows hunting within the bounds of certain regulations. Third, researchers use the forest to learn about plant diseases and genetics. Finally, it is a favorite destination for outdoor education and recreation, especially among members of the Georgia College & State University community. Bartram Forest also contains a stone labyrinth, used for meditative and other purposes.


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