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Hi, would appreciate it if someone could have a look at Menno Aden. I've just copyedited it but don't know anything about this person, and am not sure whether the article is a decent summary of his career. In particular, he was described in the lead as "the author of the Neue Rechte". I have changed this to "founder", but the political movement is not mentioned in the rest of the article on Aden, and Aden himself is not mentioned in the Neue Rechte article - so I'm not sure that this is accurate. Thanks. Tacyarg ( talk) 18:52, 29 August 2023 (UTC) Reply reply

University of Heidelberg articles

Please refer to the below navbox. I discovered while editing an AFD nomination for Heidelberg University Faculty of Philosophy and History, that much (but not all) of what is listed in the navbox, has little-to-nothing in the way of sourcing. — Maile ( talk) 03:55, 2 September 2023 (UTC) Reply reply

There is a requested move discussion at Talk:Landkreis Freystadt i. Niederschles.#Requested move 24 August 2023 that may be of interest to members of this WikiProject. —usernamekiran (talk) 17:52, 2 September 2023 (UTC) Reply reply

There is a requested move discussion at Talk:Operation Desert (German fuel project)#Requested move 29 August 2023 that may be of interest to members of this WikiProject. —usernamekiran (talk) 04:12, 7 September 2023 (UTC) Reply reply

There is a requested move discussion at Talk:Princess Frederica of Prussia (1796–1850)#Requested move 7 September 2023 that may be of interest to members of this WikiProject. UtherSRG (talk) 16:06, 19 September 2023 (UTC) Reply reply

What is the map at Cuxhaven (district) supposed to show? Kk.urban ( talk) 21:41, 19 September 2023 (UTC) Reply reply

Women in Green's 5th Edit-a-thon

Hello WikiProject Germany:

WikiProject Women in Green is holding a month-long Good Article Edit-a-thon event in October 2023!

Running from October 1 to 31, 2023, WikiProject Women in Green (WiG) is hosting a Good Article (GA) edit-a-thon event with the theme Around the World in 31 Days! All experience levels welcome. Never worked on a GA project before? We'll teach you how to get started. Or maybe you're an old hand at GAs – we'd love to have you involved! Participants are invited to work on nominating and/or reviewing GA submissions related to women and women's works (e.g., books, films) during the event period. We hope to collectively cover article subjects from at least 31 countries (or broader international articles) by month's end. GA resources and one-on-one support will be provided by experienced GA editors, and participants will have the opportunity to earn a special WiG barnstar for their efforts.

We hope to see you there!

Grnrchst ( talk) 13:03, 21 September 2023 (UTC) Reply reply

Name of Germany in article: see Talk:MV Missourian

There is a discussion of the name of Germany at Talk:MV Missourian (1921). Anyone who is interested is invited to join the discussion. Mr Serjeant Buzfuz ( talk) 21:44, 21 September 2023 (UTC) Reply reply

German elections: "Zweitstimmendeckung"?

The lead in Overhang seat says, "The electoral reform in Germany removed the overhang seats, and replaced with Zweitstimmendeckung." The lead in Leveling seat says, "The electoral reform in Germany 2023 removed the leveling seats, and replaced with Zweitstimmendeckung." This is not actually useful information; not only do we need a translation for "Zweitstimmendeckung" (which Google Translate says means "second vote coverage"), we also need a link to an article that explains what it means. -- Metropolitan90 (talk) 03:32, 9 October 2023 (UTC) Reply reply

Removal of former German names of places in Poland by Materialscientist using AWB

I have posted this at WikiProject Poland and am now also posting it here. A recently indeffed user posted at Wikipediocracy about a series of edits performed by Materialscientist using the semi-automated tool AutoWikiBrowser (edits are tagged "AWB"). Materialscientist has been removing the German names of settlements in Poland that were previously in Germany (particularly in East Prussia). The example that I looked at at random was Końcewo, a village formerly in East Prussia, which appears to be fairly typical: the edit summary is "unsourced/poorly sourced/unnecessary, removed: {{lang-de|, has a population" and they also removed the population from the article text, leaving it in the infobox. I discussed these removals with them at their user talk: User talk:Materialscientist#In the spirit of the first user box on your user page ..., but although they grant that I make good points, they have declined to self-revert as recommended by the rules for use of the tool when edits prove controversial. They did subsequently update the population at Końcewo and add a reference, and their only additional similar edit after I started the discussion (also with AWB) appears to me to be Osiniak-Piotrowo, also formerly in East Prussia, where at the same time as they removed the former German name, they updated the population figure, adding a reference. But in that article, the former German name had a reference, albeit to a website. Previously at Nowy Probark, another village formerly in East Prussia, Materialscientist removed a former German name sourced to this book. Is this not a reliable source?

I was initially unsympathetic to the complainant, who is indeffed as a sock of a user banned for POV. But I cannot see how removing all mention of the historical context from places that were in Germany prior to World War I, in some cases for centuries, is beneficial to the encyclopedia. I disagree that the former names are WP:UNDUE, and I believe this is minimal information that a reader should be able to search by. I imagine there are settlements in Silesia that were Polish- or Lusatian-speaking prior to the Nazi era (we do not appear to have ever had the former German name at Ogrodzona, Silesian Voivodeship, where Materialscientist only removed the in-text population; compare Rakowice Małe, in Upper Silesia, where they removed only the former German name although the edit summary also refers to removing a redundant population that was not present), and I'm not sure about Pomerania. But checking Polish Wikipedia reveals that (in addition to having images of all these places, which we really should add to our articles), they usually do have the former German names. For example, pl:Końcewo, pl:Nowy Probark, pl:Rakowice Małe, also pl:Ogrodzona (województwo śląskie) (Polish Wikipedia has the former German name, English didn't) and pl:Budzieszewice (Pomerania), but not pl:Osiniak-Piotrowo.

Yakikaki posted at Materialscientist's talk page saying that they had added historical information to some articles that had been removed to their surprise. JBW expressed general agreement with my points, and Lourdes supported my argument that Materialscientist should self-revert under the policy governing semi-automated edits (currently the last post in the talk-page section). However, there have been earlier edits also removing information on the past from the mostly very short articles on these settlements. And in April 2022, the bot operated by Qwerfjkl was approved for the task of removing sentences of the format Before 1945 the area was part of Germany ( East Prussia) that had been present when the articles were bot-created. I would argue that it would have been preferable to reference that statement as context for the former German names. The argument for removing it appears to have been UNDUE, and in February 2022 E-960 was removing referenced former German names with that rationale, for example at Budzieszewice (which as I noted above, has the former German name in the Polish Wikipedia article; someone else has since restored it here, but without the reference). HerkusMonte added some of these names, and references for them, and apparently restored the sentences after a previous removal; discussion at their talk page started by E-960 and hatted after it became a debate between E-960 and someone else over POV. So I am bringing the issue to the two relevant WikiProjects to gauge consensus on the removals of the former names, especially the automated removals performed by Materialscientist. (I won't further repeat my position or my responses to Materialscientist's arguments.) My other reason is that since Materialscientist has declined to self-revert, and used a semi-automated tool, reverting the removals will be a big task, especially if references are restored or added at the same time and/or if something other than simple restoration is done about the unsourced and outdated population figures, and would be best done as a coordinated effort. (I have not tried to establish when Materialscientist began doing this; the person posting at Wikipediocracy referred to a couple of months, but that may not be correct. Nor have I tried to establish what categories they were working from. So I don't know how many articles are affected, and haven't looked at how many removals E-960 did.) Yngvadottir ( talk) 00:10, 12 October 2023 (UTC) Reply reply

Yngvadottir, I think you are mixing two different things (when referencing me in this discussion). One is including old place names in an article (and I don't really have an issue with that, and agree with Piotrus). The other is having a stub article saying "Before 1945 the area was part of Germany" (now this is blatant POV), for one these lands were now part of Poland (after 1945) for a longer period of time than under Germany (from 1871 to 1945), and many of those lands even before that were also part of Sweden, Denmark, Bohemia, Austria, etc. So, it's not very neutral when you only have two sentences in a stub article and the second sentence says "Before 1945 the area was part of Germany". This is not a be all end all fact for those locations, and you don't see similar statements in municipality stub articles for France, Denmark, Belgium, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, etc. (in instances when those municipalities were part of another country in the past, and for some countries like Ukraine or Belarus you could really have it for every single place, "Before 1918 the area was part of Russia", however that's not the case). -- E-960 ( talk) 07:28, 13 October 2023 (UTC) Reply reply
(Same response as at WikiProject Poland) Thanks for responding, E-960. I'm very glad to see we're in agreement about including the former names. I had the impression you regarded all mention of the history as undue weight; at Budzieszewice, as I noted above, your revert of HerkusMonte also included the former name, which HerkusMonte had added with a book reference. An IP had previously added both the name and an added sentence on the expulsion and flight of Germans from the East; HerkusMonte's edit restored that version with a reference for the former name, but we now have just the name. I would personally prefer to have the history paragraph as well, at least the single sentence "Before 1945 the area was part of Germany ( Pomerania); it became part of Poland in 1945."—with a reference, possibly the same one as for the former name. I think readers should be able to find the place by searching on its former name, and I also think the name of the historical larger government unit is important information. ( Kotbot originally created the article with the clunky "Before 1945 the area was part of Germany. For the history of the region, see History of Pomerania.") I agree that adding the flight and expulsion to these articles is undue, but the reader shouild also be informed of when it became part of Poland. However, while I disagree with the removal of the "formerly in Germany" sentence and regret the bot run, I can accept it; Pomerania, East Prussia, and Silesia can be found by following the links to the Polish regions. But I believe the former name is essential to restore. It's context that the reader can't find anywhere else on English Wikipedia, and it's needed for those looking up these places by their former names. And it's particularly regrettable to have lost them where someone had provided a reference.
"Germany" as a country came into being in 1871, but these regions became part of Prussia much earlier: the Prussian Province of Pomerania was formed in 1815; both Prussian Silesia and the Province of East Prussia date back to the 18th century. Unless a source gives a good reason for inclusion, I don't think we should be listing Nazi-era names, either for places incorporated into the Third Reich and not previously German-speaking or putative renames like Warnold at Końcewo (in that case I suspect confusion with Warnowo, "Gut Warnold" in German). But we should include the names by which the places were officially known for well over a century. (And I agree, we should do likewise for other places where the borders have shifted; such as the formerly eastern Polish places now part of Ukraine.) Since we appear to be in broad agreement regarding the names, can I ask you to look back at your 2022 edits like that at Budzieszewice and partially self-revert to reinstate the former names, especially where there was a reference? Yngvadottir ( talk) 09:09, 13 October 2023 (UTC) Reply reply
Like I said, I don't really have an issue with including historical place names, and that means all historical place names not just German. So, for example if towns in Pomerania also has a Swedish name it should also be listed, etc. not cherry pick languages. Also, when you say "but these regions became part of Prussia much earlier" you are just singling out only a portion of the entire history, because these regions were part of Poland even before that. Pomorenia and Sląsk were part of Piast dynasty Poland before German colonization and inclusion in the Holy Roman Empire. So, if full history is not included in the article just saying "Before 1945 the area was part of Germany." is blatant POV. Btw, there is more to a municipality than history, if this is a stub article I would be more inclined to include information on road and rail link, hospitals, etc. not just history (and partial history for that matter). -- E-960 ( talk) 09:28, 13 October 2023 (UTC) Reply reply
Also, Yngvadottir, for Budzieszewice I have an issue with how this is written (formerly German: Luttmannshagen), why not just "German: Luttmannshagen", municipality articles for other countries (where territories changed hands) do not say "formerly". The city of Strasbourg does not say "formerly German: Straßburg". -- E-960 ( talk) 09:54, 13 October 2023 (UTC) Reply reply
I just reverted for Radziejów this text "German 1943-1945: Rädichau", occupation place names should not be included. -- E-960 ( talk) 10:08, 13 October 2023 (UTC) Reply reply
Minior note: it is not a good idea to split the discussion between multiple projects/fora. Please chose one project as the main discussion venue, copy all other comments there, and close/redirect the discusions. (Note: I replied at Wikipedia_talk:WikiProject_Poland#Removal_of_former_German_names_of_places_in_Poland_by_Materialscientist_using_AWB). I suggest hatting this discussion here with a note it is continued at WT:POLAND. Piotr Konieczny aka Prokonsul Piotrus| reply here 07:51, 13 October 2023 (UTC) Reply reply
I'd like to leave that to the members of this WikiProject, since it affects both. So I've copied my response to E-960 here, as I said I would in my edit summary. But if after another day there are still no responses here that aren't also over there, I agree this section should probably be hatted with a pointer to where the discussion is happening. Yngvadottir ( talk) 09:09, 13 October 2023 (UTC) Reply reply
OK, responding over there. Yngvadottir ( talk) 10:50, 13 October 2023 (UTC) Reply reply

Trying to review this draft for notability but most of the references are in German and I am not a native speaker unfortunately. I tried to use Google Translate but that only shows context and I am unable to evaluate if the sources are reliable. Could someone assist and let me know if it meets notability guidelines? You can ping me here on the draft. CNMall41 ( talk) 22:58, 18 October 2023 (UTC) Reply reply

RfC related to this WikiProject

There is an ongoing RfC to determine whether Germany qualifies as a belligerent in the 2023 Israel–Hamas war. You can participate in the discussion here: Talk:2023 Israel–Hamas war#RfC - Infobox Belligerents (Adding). The Weather Event Writer ( Talk Page) 20:09, 24 October 2023 (UTC) Reply reply

There is a requested move discussion at Talk:Wilhelm II, German Emperor#Requested move 20 October 2023 that may be of interest to members of this WikiProject. ASUKITE 15:04, 28 October 2023 (UTC) Reply reply

B-checklist in project template

 You are invited to join the discussion at Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Council § Determining the future of B-class checklists. This project is being notified since it is one of the 82 WikiProjects that opted-in to support B-checklists (B1-B6) in your project banner. DFlhb ( talk) 11:44, 30 October 2023 (UTC) Reply reply

There is a requested move discussion at Talk:Kidnapping of Shani Louk#Requested move 30 October 2023 that may be of interest to members of this WikiProject. — Alalch E. 22:50, 30 October 2023 (UTC) Reply reply

Sugest deleting de:Justyna Zander

See Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Justyna Zander and pl:Wikipedia:Poczekalnia/artykuły/2023:10:31:Justyna Zander. Likely not notable, very promotional, on pl wiki the creator states the article was created as some form of AI experiment, and on en she claims she wants it removed... perhaps someonehere can help clean that spam from de? Piotr Konieczny aka Prokonsul Piotrus| reply here 11:18, 1 November 2023 (UTC) Reply reply

Any Germans coming to New Zealand soon?

Golden Bay Air are holding some seats for us until 21 November

In case you do (say because you'd like to enjoy the Southern Hemisphere summer), here's a suggestion. Why not add Golden Bay / Mohua to your itinerary and join other Wikipedians and Wikimedians for a two-day edit-a-thon? Details are on the meetup page. There's heaps of interesting stuff to work on e.g. the oldest extant waka (from 1250!) or New Zealand's oldest ongoing legal case (180 years and counting). Or you may spend your time taking photos and then upload them.

Golden Bay is hard to get to and the airline flying into Tākaka uses small planes, so we are holding some seats from and to Wellington until 21 November and we are offering attendees a $200 travel subsidy to help with costs.

Be in touch with Schwede66 if this event interests you and you'd like to discuss logistics. Schwede 66 23:54, 13 November 2023 (UTC) Reply reply

The user who created this draft was indef blocked so just leaving this here if anyone wishes to adopt it. ~WikiOriginal-9~ ( talk) 02:05, 18 November 2023 (UTC) Reply reply

RFC on Horst Wessel

There is a Request for Comments concerning the lede of the article on Horst Wessel at Talk:Horst Wessel, a Nazi who was murdered in 1930. Your participation is encouraged. Robert McClenon ( talk) 04:54, 23 November 2023 (UTC) Reply reply