Watthana_district Latitude and Longitude:

13°44′32″N 100°35′9″E / 13.74222°N 100.58583°E / 13.74222; 100.58583
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Sukhumwit Road intersection with the Asok Montri Road in Watthana District to the right
Sukhumwit Road intersection with the Asok Montri Road in Watthana District to the right
Khet location in Bangkok
Khet location in Bangkok
Coordinates: 13°44′32″N 100°35′9″E / 13.74222°N 100.58583°E / 13.74222; 100.58583
Province Bangkok
Seat Khlong Tan Nuea
Khet established6 March 1998
 • Total12.565 km2 (4.851 sq mi)
 • Total84,967 [1]
 • Density6,762.19/km2 (17,514.0/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+7 ( ICT)
Postal code
parts of Phra Khanong Nuea: 10260

Watthana or Vadhana ( Thai: วัฒนา, pronounced [wát.tʰā.nāː]) is one of the 50 districts (khet) of Bangkok, Thailand. Neighbouring districts are (from the north clockwise): Ratchathewi, Huai Khwang, Suan Luang, Phra Khanong, Khlong Toei, and Pathum Wan.


District map

Watthana became a separate district by splitting from Khlong Toei in 1998 to provide better service to its population. The district obtained its name from Princess Galyani Vadhana, the elder sister of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Watthana or Vadhana means 'development'. The area is among the most developed parts of Bangkok.

On 1 January 2009, Watthana was the location of the Santika Club fire, which killed 66 and injured 222.


The district is divided into three sub-districts ( khwaeng), from west to east:

1. Khlong Toei Nuea คลองเตยเหนือ from the railway to Soi Sukhumvit 31 (Sawatdi)
2. Khlong Tan Nuea คลองตันเหนือ from Soi Sukhumvit 31 to Soi Sukhumvit 63 (Ekkamai)
3. Phra Khanong Nuea พระโขนงเหนือ from Soi Sukhumvit 63 to Soi Sukhumvit 81 (Siri Phot)

They are all named by adding Nuea, meaning North, to the corresponding subdistricts in Khlong Toei district.


Encompassing the area between Sukhumvit Road and Khlong Saen Saep, Watthana is one of the commercial districts in Bangkok, with many condominiums and hotels. Expatriates of many nationalities reside there.


Major Sukhumvit
  • Sukhumvit Road - Vendors selling various goods, mostly food and drinks from Soi 3 to Soi 15.
  • Foodland - One of the branches of the Thai grocery chain is located on Soi 5. It also has a 24-hour coffee shop.
  • Terminal 21 is a mixed-use complex near Sukhumvit Road 21, near the Asok intersection. It opened in October 2011 and is now one of the major shopping centers.
  • EmQuartier - a shopping center opened in 2015. It is opposite of Emporium (which is in Khlong Toei district) and is operated by the same owner, The Mall Group.
  • Villa Plaza - Between the Sukhumvit 33 nightlife area and Soi 31, the plaza is a shopping and entertainment area anchored by the Villa (open 24 hours) and Fuji supermarkets. It also has some Japanese-only clubs, as well as British-style pubs.
  • Thong Lo - This street has become trendy in recent years, with a number of upscale restaurants and "boutique" shopping centres.
  • Major Sukhumvit - A large branch of the Major Cineplex cinema chain near Ekkamai BTS Station, with a bowling alley, restaurants and shops.

Dining and entertainment

  • "Little Africa" - Near the Grace Hotel, there's a network of alleys between Nana Nuea or Sukhumvit Soi 3 and Soi 5 that is home to many Middle Eastern restaurants.
  • Soi Cowboy - Nightlife strip with go-go bars is off Asok, near the intersection with Sukhumvit.




Thong Lo

Besides the eastbound Sukhumvit, prominent roads in the district include several odd-numbered sois (branch roads) from Sukhumvit: Nana Nuea (Sukhumvit 3), Asok Montri (Sukhumvit 21), Phrom Phong (Sukhumvit 39), Thong Lo (Sukhumvit 55), Ekkamai (Sukhumvit 63), Sukhumvit 71 (Pridi Banomyong) and a small portion of On Nut (Sukhumvit 77).

Public transportation


The emblem of the district shows a pavilion, which refers to the residence of Princess Galyani Vadhana, the name patron of the district. Also the red colour refers to the princess, as red is the day colour of her birthday. The golden rays of light extending from the roof of the pavilion are said to symbolise her divine grace to all Thais. The lotus shape is supposed to be an offering to pay respect to the princess. [2]


Srinakharinwirot University Prasarnmitr

Several international schools are in Watthana District, including The American School of Bangkok's Sukhumvit campus; Anglo Singapore International School's Anglo campus; Ekamai International School; NIST International School; and Wells International Kindergarten's Thong Lor campus. [3]

Higher education

Diplomatic missions

  • Embassy of Argentina [4]
  • Embassy of Bangladesh [5]
  • Embassy of Brunei [6]
  • Embassy of Egypt [7]
  • Embassy of India [8]
  • Embassy of Iran [9]
  • Embassy of Israel [10]
  • Embassy of Kenya [11]
  • Embassy of Mongolia [12]
  • Embassy of Nepal [13]
  • Embassy of Nigeria [14]
  • Embassy of Norway [15]
  • Embassy of Pakistan [16]
  • Embassy of Peru [17]
  • Embassy of Sri Lanka [18]


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