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Revert Information

  • I accept that "...I do not feel that what you added was done so in the most graceful of ways...", since I was not completely happy with the layout myself. I did attempt to follow the previous layout as best I could.
  • " not agree that everything you added should be in it (seeing we already have a navbox for run crew)...". My concer stems from the fact that carpentry and lighting are heavily covered, whereas the other main branches of stagecraft are woefully under-represented. It is true that I added links fom the {{ Running crew}} template, as placeholders to expand under-represented categories.
  • "...I do not agree with the things that you deleted or moved." Again, fair enough. The only argument I would make with your statement is that Technical director is not the sole perview of Theatrical scenery.
  • Quoting Help:Navbox: "A navigation template, ... is a grouping of links used ... to facilitate navigation between those articles." perhaps the best solution is in fact to create smaller templates on each branch of stagecraft: Lighting, Audio, Management, Wardrobe, and Props (although I concede there a not many articles for Wardrobe or Properties yet.) DJSparky huh? 01:08, 7 July 2010 (UTC) Reply reply

I see your points. i would counter that instead of making many tiny nav boxes, i think one lare one is better. When i built this box, it originally started as many small ones, but there just wasn't enough on each single field of stagecraft, so it expanded into this mid sized box. Why don't we add the running crew info box into this one, so there there is one box for all articles that are directly pertinent to Stagecraft instead of two or more? I did a quick mock up of what that may look like below... feel free to expand on this box to see what we can come up with...-- Found5dollar ( talk) 02:22, 7 July 2010 (UTC) Reply reply

That looks really nice. I agree that there probably aren't enough articles on each dept. to warrent separate Nav boxes. Assuming for the moment that Stubs are kept off the list Microphone, Wireless microphone, MIDI Show Control, and maybe Dichroic filter and DMX512 could be added, but too many items and the box might get unwieldy. It's starting to approach the dimentions of {{ EMD diesels}}, which Wikipedia:Navigation templates gives as an example of an oversized navbox (although it has way fewer items)... DJSparky huh? 04:36, 7 July 2010 (UTC) Reply reply

The problem with the EMD box i think is more the fact that it is unnavigable because everything is just a number, not necessarily the sheer size of it. I dont think this will reach that point. Well what other articles or fields should be included here? I am a tech- director so sound and costuming are really not my forte... what other articles should we link to that are theater specific? One big problem i am seeing as i compile this box is there there really are no naming conventions for Tech Theater articles... do we really need Costume Design and Costume Designer, or why isn't there a standard for stuff like this Batten (theater), versus Flats (theatre).-- Found5dollar ( talk) 15:05, 8 July 2010 (UTC) Reply reply

I agree that ideally there should be standardization, but American and British English spelling differences#-re, -er (mentioned in the theatre article) isn't any help. My vote would be "re" since more countries use that variant, and my spell-checker would stop going crazy. At the same time, the Batten (theater) article is about North American usage of the term, since a batten is the term for a brace in the UK... In principle I don't see a problem with merging Costume Design/Designer to more align with Lighting Designer. DJSparky huh? 21:12, 14 July 2010 (UTC) Reply reply

Reorganisation needed?

The number of topics covered here has clearly outgrown the three main categories (Scenery, Lighting, and Other). Rather than try to force everything into these categories, it might be helpful to reorganise. This process can be started by factoring out related topics from different categories. For example, all three categories include Fields, so I will begin by consolidating these. Any other thoughts on improving organisation? Lambtron ( talk) 14:49, 6 January 2011 (UTC) Reply reply

The whole reason i created this nav box is because the stagecraft articles are so unwieldy and hard to navigate around. What needs re-orginization is the whole litany of stagecraft articles. As i stated above, do we really need Costume Design and Costume Designer, or Lighting Designer and Stage lighting, or why isn't there a standard for stuff like this Batten (theater), versus Flats (theatre). Also above was my attempt at expanding the box to include more fields, but the conversation kind of died. Please feel free to add to it and when we have a consensus we can replace it. This Navbox only hits the leading articles of stagecraft because there are so many that should just be rolled into other articles. -- Found5dollar ( talk) 15:08, 6 January 2011 (UTC) Reply reply