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The Temenggong of Johor is one of the members of the Orang Kaya Council established by Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah. The first Temenggong appointed in 1757 was Temenggong Abdul Jamal.

The Temenggong of Johor was given the task of controlling the security of the sultan, safeguarding the state and exercising control over the territories of the Johor Empire.

The Temenggong of Johor was granted territorial control by the Sultan of Johor and Singapura (later Singapore) as the representative of the Sultan of Johor-Riau, just as the Grand Vizier was given Pahang as the territorial control, while the Temenggong of Muar was given Muar.

The descendants of the Temenggong would later found the new sultanate on mainland Johor with the first Temenggong being Daeng Ibrahim. [1]

Temenggongs of Johor

Temenggong of Johor Succession Lineage
House of Bendahara-Johor
Tun Abdul Jamal
r. 1757–1802
Tun Abdul Hamid
r. 1802–1803
Engku Muda Muhammad
T.S.M ( d)
r. 1803–1806
Ungku Abdul Rahman
r. 1806–1825
Tun Haji Abdullah
T.S.M ( d)
r. 1825–1841
Tun Daeng Ibrahim
r. 1841–1862
Modern Johor Sultanate
Abu Bakar
r. 1862–1868
r. 1868–1886
r. 1886–1895


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