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Thrice married

I read on the internet that he was married three times. Actual information on wives before Marva Jean Brooks is worryingly sparse, but I found he married Mabel Berry in 1932, which ran three years, and then 'by 1943' was with wife no. 2 'Sallie Ann'. Geneva is carefully described here as not tying the knot, but is referred to many times elsewhere (eg by band member Paul Oscher, here) as his wife, so that needs comment one way or the other. And then there's the story of meeting Marva when she was a 'housekeeper' at the Days Inn motel in Florida (Oscher again) This all clearly needs some careful confirmation. But if it wasn't like that, there needs to be a careful refutation, because WP is (we are) supposed to get this stuff right. Onanoff ( talk) 20:59, 3 July 2022 (UTC) Reply reply