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Singtel TV
First air date
20 July 2007; 16 years ago (2007-07-20)
Founded20 July 2007; 16 years ago (2007-07-20)
Owner Singtel
Key people
Allen Lew ( CEO)
Launch date
20 July 2007; 16 years ago (2007-07-20)
Former names
Singtel IPTV
(1 January 2005 – 19 July 2007)
mio TV
(20 July 2007 – 20 January 2015)
Official website
Official website
Logo of mio TV (2007-2015)

Singtel TV (formerly known as Singtel IPTV and mio TV) is a pay television service provided by Singtel in Singapore. It is transmitted through Singtel's broadband network via an IPTV platform which uses Ericsson Mediaroom (originally developed by Microsoft) as its end-to-end software platform. It is a service that allows multimedia content – including linear channels and on-demand content – to be viewed on any television set. The internet protocol television service utilises IP set-top boxes (STBs), connected through Singtel optical fibre broadband service. The Singtel TV IPTV network currently has more than 425,000 subscribers. Singtel TV is Singtel's integrated gateway for home users upon which the company is delivering multiple IP-based communication services.

Television channels


Name Language
Suria (HD) Malay
Channel 5 (HD) English
Channel U (HD) Mandarin
Channel 8 (HD) Mandarin
Vasantham (HD) Tamil
CNA (HD) English


Name Language
e-Le (HD) Mandarin
ETTV Asia (HD) Mandarin
Fight Sports (HD) English
Outdoor Channel (HD) English
TechStorm (HD) English
SEA Today (HD) English/ Indonesian

Sports / news

Name Language Type / Package
Al Jazeera English (HD) English News/family
Arirang (HD) English News/family
BBC News (HD) English News
Bloomberg Television (HD) English News/family
CGTN (HD) English News/family
CNBC Asia (HD) English News/family
CNN International (HD) English News/family
Cricket Plus HD English Cricket
DW English (HD) English News/family
beIN Sports 5 (HD) English World sports
beIN Sports 4 (HD) English World sports
beIN Sports 3 (HD) English World sports
beIN Sports 2 (HD) English World sports
beIN Sports (HD) English World sports
Fight Sports (HD) English World sports
FOX News Channel (HD) English News/family
SPOTV (HD) English World sports
SPOTV2 (HD) English World sports
Eurosport (HD) English World sports
France 24 English (HD) English News/family
France 24 (HD) French A la carte
HLN (HD) English News/family
mio Sports 111 (HD) English World sports
mio Sports 112 (HD) English World sports
mio Sports 113 (HD) English World sports
NHK World (HD) English News/family
Outdoor Channel (HD) English Family/World Sports
English Premier League (HD) English Cross Carriage (StarHub Premier Pack)
J1 League on Singtel TV (HD) English/Japanese Cross Carriage (Singtel J.Pack)
RT (HD) English News/family
Sky News HD English News/family
Sports Multiview HD English World sports
Times Now HD English News/family

Kids / education / lifestyle

Name Language Type / Package
Animal Planet (HD) English Education/family
Asian Food Network (HD) English Entertainment/family
ABC Australia (HD) English Lifestyle and music/family
Moonbug (HD) English Kids/family
BBC Earth (HD) English Education/family
BBC Lifestyle (HD) English Lifestyle/family
Cartoonito (HD) English Kids/family
Cartoon Network (HD) English Kids/family
CBeebies (HD) English Kids
Crime + Investigation (HD) English Entertainment/Education/family
DMAX (HD) English Lifestyle and music/family
Discovery Asia (HD) English Education/family
Discovery Channel (HD) English Education/family
Discovery Science (HD) English Education/family
DreamWorks (HD) English Entertainment/family
HGTV (HD) English Lifestyle/Family
HISTORY (HD) English Entertainment/Education/family
Love Nature (HD) English Family/Jingxuan/Inspiras/Kondattam
Global Trekker (HD) English Entertainment/Education/family
Nick Jr. (HD) English Kids/family
Nickelodeon (HD) English Kids/family
TLC (HD) English Lifestyle and music/family
Trace Sport Stars (HD) English Lifestyle/family
Travel Channel (HD) English Lifestyle/family

Education / entertainment

Name Language Type / Package
AXN (HD) English Family
Animax (HD) Japanese Family/Jingxuan
ANIPLUS (HD) Japanese Jingxuan/Nihon/family
ROCK Entertainment (HD) English Entertainment/family
ROCK Action (HD) English Entertainment/family
Colors Infinity HD English Entertainment/family
Zee Café HD English Entertainment/family
GEM (HD) Various Nihon/Family
HITS (HD) English Entertainment/family
HITS Now (HD) English Entertainment/family
KBS World (HD) Korean/English Entertainment/family
Lifetime (HD) English Entertainment/family
MTV 90s (HD) English Lifestyle and Music /Family
MTV Live (HD) English Lifestyle and Music /Family
ONE (HD) (English) Korean/English Entertainment/family
tvN Asia (HD) Korean Lifestyle and music/family
Warner TV (HD) English Entertainment/family
TLC (HD) English Entertainment/Lifestyle


Name Language Type / Package
HITS Movies (HD) English Movies
HBO (HD) English Movies
HBO Family (HD) English Movies
HBO Hits (HD) English Movies
HBO Signature (HD) English Movies
CINEMAX (HD) English Movies


Name Language Type / Package
CCTV-4 (HD) Mandarin Jingxuan
CTi Asia (HD) Mandarin Chinese entertainment/Jingxuan
Celestial Movies (HD) Mandarin Movies/Jingxuan
CCM Mandarin Movies/Jingxuan
ETTV Asia (HD) Mandarin Jingxuan
ETTV Asia News (HD) Mandarin Jingxuan
GEM (HD) Various Nihon/Jingxuan
Jia Le Channel (HD) Mandarin Entertainment/Jingxuan
KBS World (HD) Korean/Chinese Entertainment/Jingxuan
Dragon TV Mandarin Entertainment/Jingxuan
Phoenix Chinese Channel HD Chinese Jingxuan
Phoenix InfoNews Channel HD Chinese News/Jingxuan
TVB Jade (Singapore) (HD) Cantonese Canto Pack
TVB Xing He (HD) Chinese Jingxuan
TVBS Asia (HD) Chinese Jingxuan
TVBS News (HD) Chinese News/Jingxuan
Now Baogu (HD) Chinese Jingxuan
Now Jelli (HD) Mandarin Jingxuan
ONE (HD) Korean/Mandarin Entertainment/Jingxuan
tvN Asia (HD) Korean Lifestyle and music/Jingxuan
CM+ (HD) Mandarin Jingxuan


Name Language Type / Package
Adithya TV Tamil Uthyam/Kondattam
KTV HD Tamil Kondattam
Colors Hindi Desi
Colors Tamil HD Tamil Kondattam
Asianet Malayalam Maveli
Asianet Movies Malayalam Maveli
GEM (HD) Various Kondattam
Gemini Movies Telugu Swagatam
Gemini TV Telugu Swagatam
KBS World (HD) Korean/Tamil Entertainment/Kondattam
MTV India (HD) Hindi Desi
NDTV 24x7 Hindi Kondattam/Desi
NDTV Good Times English Desi
NDTV India Hindi Desi
ONE (HD) Korean/Tamil Entertainment/Kondattam
Sony SAB Hindi Desi
Sony MAX Hindi Desi
SET Hindi Desi
STAR Bharat Hindi Desi
STAR Gold Hindi Desi
STAR Maa Telugu Desi
STAR Plus Hindi Desi
STAR Vijay Tamil Inbam/Kondattam
STAR Maa Movies Tamil Desi
Sun Music HD Tamil Uthyam/Kondattam
Sun TV (HD) Tamil Desi
Surya Movies Malayalam Maveli
Surya TV Malayalam Maveli
tvN Asia (HD) Korean Lifestyle and music/Kondattam
Times Now English Kondattam/Desi
Zee Cinema HD Hindi Desi
Zee TV Hindi Desi
Zee Tamil HD Tamil Inbam/Kondattam

Malay / Filipino / international

Name Language Type / Package
ANC Tagalog Kapamilya/Kabayan
Astro Maya HD Malay Inspirasi
Astro Prima (HD) Malay Inspirasi
Astro Ria (HD) Malay Inspirasi
Astro Citra (HD) Malay Inspirasi
Cinema One Global Tagalog Kapamilya/Kabayan
Citra Drama (HD) Indonesian Inspirasi
Drama Channel (HD) Indonesian Inspirasi
The Filipino Channel (HD) Tagalog Kapamilya Starter/Kabayan
GEM (HD) Various Inspirasi
GMA Life TV Tagalog Kapuso/Kabayan
GMA Pinoy TV Tagalog Kapuso/Kabayan
KBS World (HD) Korean/Malay Entertainment/Inspirasi
NHK World Premium (HD) English Nihon
ONE (HD) Korean/Malay Entertainment/Inspirasi
Pesona HD Indonesian Inspirasi
tvN Asia (HD) Korean Lifestyle and music/Inspirasi

On Demand

Name Language Type / Package
ANIPLUS On Demand (HD) Japanese Family/Jingxuan/Nihon
Astro Citra On Demand (HD) Malay Inspirasi
Astro World (HD) Malay Inspirasi
BBC First On Demand (HD) English Entertainment
Cartoonito On Demand (HD) English Kids/family
Cartoon Network On Demand (HD) English Kids/family
CCM On Demand Mandarin Jingxuan
Celestial Movies On Demand (HD) Mandarin Jingxuan
GMA Catch-up On Demand Filipino Entertainment
GMA Hits On Demand Filipino Entertainment
Jia Le Channel On Demand (HD) Mandarin Entertainment/Jingxuan
GEM On Demand (HD) Various Jingxuan/Nihon
mio Stadium On Demand (HD) English mio Stadium
ONE On Demand (HD) English/Korean/Mandarin/Malay Jingxuan/Inspirasi
Sports On Demand (HD) English World sports
tvN Asia VOD (HD) English/ Korean/ Mandarin/ Malay Family/Jingxuan/Inspirasi
tvN Movies VOD (HD) English/ Korean/ Mandarin/ Malay Korean movies

Set-top boxes

Singtel TV offers the following set-top boxes:


  • Motorola (ARRIS) HD VIP1200 non-DVR (1 Gen)
  • Motorola (ARRIS) HD VIP1208 DVR (1 Gen)


  • Tatung STB-2300 HD non-DVR
  • Tatung STB-3102 HD non-DVR
  • Tatung STB-3002 HD DVR with 500GB HDD
  • Cisco (Technicolor) ISB2200 HD non-DVR (2 Gen)
  • Cisco (Technicolor) ISB2230 HD DVR with 500GB HDD (2 Gen)
  • ARRIS VIP4402E HD non-DVR (3 Gen)
  • ARRIS VIP5662W 4K DVR with 1TB HDD (3 Gen)


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