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Singapore is an island city-state in Southeast Asia.

Singapore, Singapur, Singapura, Sin-ka-pho, Sim-gia-bo, Xinjiapo, Singhapura, Singhpur, Singhpura, Singpur, Sinhapura and Simhapura (all from Sanskrit सिंहपुर ( IAST: Siṃhapura)) may also refer to:



  • City of Singapore (historical entity), a former city in the central part of the Singapore island
  • Colony of Singapore, a colony of British Empire on the Singapore island. Received internal self-governance in the 1950s by State of Singapore Act. Joined Malaysia for a short time as a state before independence from it in the 1960s.
  • Kingdom of Singapura, a 14th-century Malay kingdom centered in modern-day Singapore
  • Pulau Ujong or Singapore Island, the mainland island of Singapore


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