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Show-Biz Blues
Compilation album by
Released26 June 2001
Genre Blues rock
Label Receiver Records
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Show-Biz Blues: Fleetwood Mac 1968 to 1970 is an album by British blues rock band Fleetwood Mac, released in 2001. It was a compilation of outtakes and unreleased tracks from the band's early line-up, none of which had previously seen the light of day officially. Available on double vinyl LP and double CD, it came with a booklet of extensive notes and anecdotes, and was the companion release to The Vaudeville Years of Fleetwood Mac 1968–1970.

Track listing

Disc One [2]
No.TitleWriter(s)Date recordedLength
1."Soul Dressing" ("Jazz Beat" BBC Session) ( Booker T. & The M.G.'s cover) Booker T. Jones, Steve Cropper, Al Jackson, Lewie Steinberg1966-02-023:47
2." If You Want to Be Happy" ("Jazz Beat" BBC Session) ( Jimmy Soul cover) Frank Guida, Carmela Guida, Joseph Royster1966-02-022:28
3."Outrage" ("Jazz Beat" BBC Session) (Booker T. & The M.G.'s cover)William Allen Jr., Cropper, Jackson, Steinberg1966-02-022:47
4."The Sun Is Shining" ("Top Gear" BBC Session) ( Elmore James cover)Elmore James1968-01-163:02
5." Don't Be Cruel" ("Top Gear" BBC Session) ( Elvis Presley cover) Otis Blackwell, Elvis Presley1968-01-161:40
6."I'm So Lonely and Blue" ("Nightride" BBC Session) Jeremy Spencer1968-04-163:53
7." How Blue Can You Get?" ("Nightride" BBC Session) ( B.B. King cover) Leonard Feather1968-04-163:36
8."My Baby's Sweeter" ("Nightride" BBC Session) ( Homesick James cover)Homesick James1968-04-163:38
9."Long Grey Mare" ("Nightride" BBC Session) Peter Green1968-04-161:58
10."Buzz Me Baby" ("Nightride" BBC Session) (B.B. King cover)Fleecy Moore, Dave Dexter Jr.1968-04-163:33
11."Mind of My Own" ("Top Gear" BBC Session) Danny Kirwan1968-08-262:59
12."I Have to Laugh" ("Top Gear" BBC Session) ( Otis Rush cover)Otis Rush, Dave Clark1968-08-263:27
13."You're the One" ("Top Gear" BBC Session) ( Buddy Holly cover)Buddy Holly, Ray Corbin, Waylon Jennings1968-08-262:05
14."Do You Give a Damn for Me" (Early version of "Show-Biz Blues", alternative take to Vaudeville Years)Green19693:58
15."Him and Me" (Early version of "Show-Biz Blues")Green19694:02
16."Show-Biz Blues" (Alternative take #2)Green19694:06
17."Fast Talking Woman Blues" (Remake of "Drifting", alternative take)Green1969-103:22
18."World in Harmony" (Alternative take #2)Kirwan, Green19703:24
19."Leaving Town Blues" ("Top Gear" BBC Session)Green1970-04-273:49

Tracks 1–3 are not performed by Fleetwood Mac, but by Peter B's Looners (credits below).

Track 8 is listed as "My Baby's Sweeter" (not by Sonny Boy Williamson but a Willie Dixon composition performed by Little Walter) but it actually is the Homesick James song "My Baby's Sweet", which they often played at concerts.[ citation needed]

Disc Two
No.TitleWriter(s)Date recordedLength
1." Black Magic Woman" (Live at the Boston Tea Party)Green1970-02-057:39
2."Jumping at Shadows" (Live at the Boston Tea Party) ( Duster Bennett cover)Anthony Bennett1970-02-055:24
3." Rattlesnake Shake / Underway" (Live at the Paris Cinema, London)Green1970-04-0914:06
4."Stranger Blues" (Live at the Paris Cinema, London) (Elmore James cover)Elmore James, Morris Levy, Clarence Lewis1970-04-094:15
5."World in Harmony" (Live at the Paris Cinema, London)Kirwan, Green1970-04-093:32
6."Tiger" (Live at the Paris Cinema, London) ( Fabian cover)Ollie Jones1970-04-093:22
7." The Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown)" (Live at the Paris Cinema, London)Green1970-04-0915:15
8."Coming Your Way" (Live at the Paris Cinema, London)Kirwan1970-04-097:32
9." Great Balls of Fire" (Live at the Paris Cinema, London) ( Jerry Lee Lewis cover)Blackwell, Jack Hammer1970-04-092:32
10." Twist and Shout" (Live at the Paris Cinema, London) ( The Isley Brothers cover) Phil Medley, Bert Russell1970-04-097:45
  • Disc 2 consists of live recordings.


Peter B's Looners (1-1 to 1–3)

Fleetwood Mac (remainder)


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