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The schooner Exact was the ship that delivered the Denny Party to Alki Point on November 13, 1851, which marked the founding of the city of Seattle. [1] [2]


  1. ^ Birthplace of Seattle (Obelisk). Alki Point: Washington University State Historical Society. 1905. At this place on 13 November 1851 there landed from the Schooner Exact Captain Folger the little colony which developed into the City of Seattle
  2. ^ Speidel, William C. (1967). Sons of the Profits or There's No Business Like Grow Business The Seattle Story 1851–1901. Nettle Creek. pp. 12–13. ISBN  9780914890065. At the time, the Schooner "Exact" was outfitting in Portland for a voyage to Queen Charlotte Island with gold prospectors, and for a reasonable price the captain was willing to touch at Puget Sound en route. She started from Portland on November 5, 1851 and headed out over the Columbia River Bar after touching at Astoria two days later.

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