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Halford Resurrection.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedAugust 8, 2000
RecordedAugust 15, 1998 – June 27, 2000
Genre Heavy metal
LabelMetal-is, Metal God
Producer Roy Z
Halford chronology
Live Insurrection
Alternative cover
2006 remastered edition cover

Resurrection is the debut album by the American heavy metal band Halford, released in 2000. It was recorded over the span of almost two years, from August 1998 to June 2000.[ citation needed] The album marks the return of Rob Halford's heavy metal roots after several years of musical experimentation. It features the song "The One You Love to Hate", a duet with metal band Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson. "Silent Screams" is a re-recorded song that was originally demoed by Halford's previous band 2wo.

In 2006, Resurrection was remastered and re-released with an expanded (adding outtakes from the original sessions [1]) track list on iTunes, and later on CD in 2009.

Critical reception

Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic [2]
Rock Hard9/10 [3]

In September 2003, Resurrection was ranked number 54 on a list of "The Top 100 Heavy Metal Albums" by online magazine [4] In 2005, Resurrection was ranked number 320 in Rock Hard magazine's book The 500 Greatest Rock & Metal Albums of All Time. [5]

Track listing

1."Resurrection" Rob Halford, Patrick Lachman, Roy Z, John Baxter3:58
2."Made in Hell"Halford, Z, Baxter4:12
3."Locked and Loaded"Halford, Lachman, Z3:18
4."Night Fall"Halford, Lachman, Mike Chlasciak3:41
5."Silent Screams"Halford, Bob Marlette7:06
6."The One You Love to Hate" (feat. Bruce Dickinson)Halford, Z, Bruce Dickinson3:11
7."Cyberworld"Halford, Z, Chlasciak3:08
8."Slow Down"Halford, Z, Marlette4:51
9."Twist" Bob Halligan Jr.4:08
10."Temptation"Halford, Lachman, Z, Chlasciak3:32
11."Drive"Halford, Z, Marlette, John 54:30
12."Saviour"Halford, Lachman, Z2:57
Japanese edition bonus tracks
13."Sad Wings"Halford, Lachman, Chlasciak3:38
14."Hell's Last Survivor"Halford, Chlasciak3:24

2006 track listing

1."Resurrection"Halford, Lachman, Z, Baxter3:58
2."Made in Hell"Halford, Z, Baxter4:12
3."Locked and Loaded"Halford, Lachman, Z3:19
4."Night Fall"Halford, Lachman, Chlasciak3:42
5."Silent Screams"Halford, Marlette7:06
6."The One You Love to Hate"Halford, Z, Dickinson3:11
7."Cyberworld"Halford, Z, Chlasciak3:10
8."Slow Down"Halford, Z, Marlette4:52
9."Hell's Last Survivor"Halford, Chlasciak3:24
10."Temptation"Halford, Lachman, Z, Chlasciak3:32
11."God Bringer of Death"Halford, Lachman, Chlasciak2:45
12."Fetish"Halford, Lachman, Chlasciak, Baxter3:12
13."Sad Wings"Halford, Lachman, Chlasciak3:38
15."Drive"Halford, Z, Marlette, 54:31
16."Saviour"Halford, Lachman, Z2:57



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