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Regional Council of Île-de-France

Conseil régional d'Île-de-France
Coat of arms or logo
Logo of Île-de-France region
Valérie Pécresse, LR
since 18 December 2015
Political groups
Executive (125)
  •   The Republicans (102)
  •   Union of Democrats and Independents (23)

Opposition (84)

Last general election
27 June 2021
Meeting place

The Regional Council of Île-de-France ( French: Conseil régional d'Île-de-France) is the regional council of Île-de-France, France's most populous administrative region. Made up of 209 regional councillors elected for 6 years, it is headquartered in Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine, just north of Paris. The council has been presided over since 18 December 2015 by Valérie Pécresse. She succeeded Jean-Paul Huchon, who had presided over the council since 23 March 1998. [1]


Administrative accounts of the Region (in million euros)
2015 [2] 2016 [3] 2017 [4] 2018 [5] 2019 [6]
Revenue excluding loans 4,209 4,075 4,174 4,305 4,541
Loans 712 650 530 600 200
Functionnary costs 2,780 2,678 2,636 2,553 2,543
Investment expenditure 2,138 2,047 2,150 2,108 2,235
Outstanding debt 5,363 5,577 5,587 5,660 5,384

List of presidents of the Regional Council

Successive presidents of the regional council
Period Identity Political Party Other mandates
1976 1988 Michel Giraud


1988 1992 Pierre-Charles Krieg


1992 1998 Michel Giraud


  • Professeur du lettres
  • Deputy of Val-de-Marne (1995 → 2002)
  • Mayor of Le Perreux-sur-Marne (1971 → 1992)
1998 2015 Jean-Paul Huchon


2015 July 3, 2021 Valérie Pécresse


LR, then SL
2021 Ongoing

(as of July 14, 2021)

SL, then LR- SL

Current composition


List of political groups in the council
Party Acronym Elected Group [12] President [12]
Majority (125 seats)
The Republicans LR 59 Île-de-France gathered

(102 seats)

Vincent Jeanbrun
Miscellaneous right DVD 14
The Republicans- Soyons libres LR-SL 11
Democratic Movement MoDem 8
Radical Party PRV 2
Agir Agir 2
Horizons Horizons 2
The Centrists LC 1
Union of Democrats and Ecologists UDE 1
Independent Ecological Movement MEI 1
La France Vraiment LFV 1
Union of Democrats and Independents UDI 23 UDI (23 seats) Jean-Francois Vigier
Opposition (84 seats)
Europe Ecology - The Greens EELV 11 Ecologist pole

(18 seats)

Ghislaine Senée
Génération.s G s 5
Cap Écologie CE 1
Ecology Generation 1
Socialist Party PS 15 Île-de-France in common

(18 seats)

Maxime Gayets
Radical Party of the Left PRG 1
Miscellaneous left DVG 1
Les Écolos Solidaires LÉS 1
National Rally RN 15 RN Ile-de-France (16 seats) Wallerand de Saint-Just
L'Avenir Français LAF 1
La République En Marche! LREM 9 Presidential majority (15 seats) Laurent Saint-Martin
Democratic movement MoDem 4
Territories of Progress TdP 1
Agir Agir 1
La France Insoumise LFI 9 LFI and related (10 seats) Paul Vannier
Animalist Party PA 1
French Communist Party PCF 7 Communist left, ecologist and citizen (7 seats) Céline Malaisé


The new executive formed in 2021 has, in addition to the president, fifteen vice-presidents.

List of vice-presidents of the Île-de-France regional council [13]
Order Name Party Departmental constituency Charge(s) Other mandate
1st Jean-Didier Berger SL Hauts-de-Seine Finances, Evaluation of public policies and European Fund.
  • Mayor of Clamart
  • President of the regional public establishment Vallée Sud - Grand Paris
2nd Othman Nasrou SL - LR Yvelines Youth, Republicanism, Guidance and professional integration, Higher education and Research.
3rd Alexandra Dublanche LR Yvelines Recovery, Attractiveness, Economic Development and Innovation. Deputy Mayor of Sartrouville
4th Jean-Philippe Dugoin-Clement UDI - PR Essonne Housing, sustainable land use planning and SDRIFE. Mayor of Mennecy
5th Marie-Carole Ciuntu LR - SL Val-de-Marne General administration, Social dialogue and Digital transformation. Mayor of Sucy-en-Brie
6th Patrick Karam LR Paris Sports, JOP, Leisure, Citizenship, City policy and Associative life.
7th Farida Adlani MoDem Seine-Saint-Denis Solidarity, Health and Family. Mayor of Villepinte
8th Yann Wehrling MoDem Paris Ecological transition, Climate and Biodiversity.
9th Florence Portelli SL Val-d'Oise Culture, Heritage and Creation. Mayor of Taverny
10th Frédéric Péchenard LR Paris Security and Victim Assistance. Paris Councilor
11th Sylvie Mariaud UDI Hauts-de-Seine Social and solidarity economy and responsible purchasing. Deputy Mayor of Bois-Colombes
12th Stephane Beaudet DVD Essonne Transport. Mayor of Évry-Courcouronnes
13th Valérie Lacroute LR Seine-et-Marne Agriculture and Food. Mayor of Nemours
14th James Cheron UDI Seine-et-Marne High schools. Mayor of Montereau-Fault-Yonne
15th Marie-Do Aeschlimann LR Seine-et-Marne Employment and vocational training. Deputy mayor of Asnières-sur-Seine

Special Delegates

Valérie Pécresse also appointed 18 special delegates in charge of “strategic issues”:

Special Delegates [13]
Delegates Charge(s)
Grégoire de Lasteyrie Sustainable Mobility
Hamida Rezeg Tourism
Pierre Deniziot Republican Promise, Handicap and Accessibility
Babette de Rozières Gastronomy
Frédéric Valletoux Rurality, Commerce, Handicrafts and Rural Contracts
Sophie Deschiens Circular Region and Animal Friend
Laurent Jeanne Urban Renovation and City Policy
Marianne Duranton Organic and Short Circuits
Jérémy Redler Major International Events and Trade Shows
Nelly Garnier Smart Region
Anne-Louise Mesadieu Solidarity Development
Olivier Blond Fight against air pollution
Yasmine Camara Olympic and Paralympic Games
Charlotte Baelde Gender Equality
Ludovic Toro Fight against medical desertification
Faten Hidri Fight against early school leaving
Daniel-Georges Courtois Evaluation of public policies, Certification of Accounts and Management of European Funds and Evaluation Committee
Pascal Pelain Relations with the Greater Paris Metropolis


A selection process led in May 2016 to retain three potential sites, where the move could be done quickly, in Ivry-sur-Seine, Saint-Denis and Saint-Ouen. [14] In early 2018, the construction of the new site started in the district of Docks in Saint-Ouen, moving from its previous office in the 7th arrondissement. [15] The second building, including a hemicycle, was delivered in 2019. [16] The first plenary meeting of the regional council in Saint-Ouen was announced to be held in March 2020. [17] The site is served by Mairie de Saint-Ouen Paris Métro station.

Visual identity (logo)

Logo of Île-de-France from 2005 to 2019.
Official 2019 logo of Île-de-France

Since 2005, the logo of the Île-de-France region has been composed of an eight-pointed star of red-orange color next to the name of the region in lowercase. The eight branches of the star, already present on the previous logo, symbolized the eight Île-de-France départements. [18] The creation of the logo would have costed 40,000 euros and the change of letterhead that it entailed more than 100,000 euros. [19]

Regional Councilors' Scarf

The scarf worn by the regional councilors who are members of the Île-de-France Regional Council is red (narrow band), white (narrow band), blue, white (narrow band), red (narrow band). [20]

Regional Youth Council of Île-de-France

The Conseil régional des jeunes d'Île-de-France (CRJ or transl. Regional Youth Council of Île-de-France) is an assembly created by the regional council of Île-de-France. It is made up of 148 full advisors.

The advisers meet in plenary session in the hemicycle of the regional council 3 times a year and sit on several committees: [21]

  • Guidance, Studies, Employment
  • Transport
  • Europe
  • Health
  • Commission Against Discrimination
  • Gender Equality

In plenary session, 2 voluntary moderators are drawn to lead this session.


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