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Kawthoolei ( S'gaw Karen: ကီၢ်သူလ့ၤ, lit.'land without darkness'; Burmese: ကော့သူးလေ) is the endonym for a proposed state that the Karen have sought to establish in Myanmar since the beginning of the Karen conflict in the late 1940s.

Kawthoolei roughly approximates to present-day Kayin State, although parts of Mon State, Tanintharyi Region, Bago Region, and the Irrawaddy River Delta with Karen populations have sometimes also been controlled and claimed by groups such as the Karen National Union. The name "Kawthoolei" was created by nationalist leader Saw Ba U Gyi in a 1949 declaration of independence of the region, prior to his death in battle.

Kawthoolei has also been spelled "Kaw-thu-lay" or "Kawthoolie" with the last syllable replacing the "lay" with "lea". The name "Kaw-thu-lay" was used by the government of the Union of Burma in the drafting of its 1948 constitution, which made provisions for an autonomous region for the Karenni people. ( Full article...)

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