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The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Istanbul:


General reference

Geography of Istanbul

Geography of Istanbul

  • Istanbul is:
  • Population of Istanbul: 14,804,116
  • Area of Istanbul: 5,343.02 km2 (2,062.95 sq mi)
Istanbul is located in Turkey
Location within Turkey
Coordinates: 41°00′N 28°57′E / 41.000°N 28.950°E / 41.000; 28.950

Location of Istanbul

Environment of Istanbul

Natural geographic features of Istanbul

Satellite view of Istanbul and the Bosphorus strait

Areas of Istanbul

The districts of Istanbul

Districts of Istanbul

Urban centers in Istanbul

Urban centers in Istanbul

Neighbourhoods in Istanbul

Neighbourhoods of Istanbul

Locations in Istanbul

Historic Areas of Istanbul

Ancient monuments in Istanbul

The Column of Constantine
Valens Aqueduct
The Bosphorus Bridge
The Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge

Bridges in Istanbul

Cultural and exhibition centres in Istanbul

Forts in Istanbul

Yoros Castle
The Gate of the Spring

Fountains in Istanbul

Gates in Istanbul

Gates of Istanbul

Lighthouses in Istanbul

Maiden's Tower

Monuments and memorials in Istanbul

Museums and art galleries in Istanbul

The Great Palace Mosaic Museum
İstanbul Archaeology Museums

Museums in Istanbul

Palaces and pavilions in Istanbul

Beylerbeyi Palace
Dolmabahçe Palace
The Topkapı Palace

Ottoman palaces in Istanbul

Parks and gardens in Istanbul

Column of the Goths in Gülhane Park

Public squares in Istanbul

Religious buildings in Istanbul

Hagia Sophia
Ortaköy Mosque on the Bosphorus
Interior of Pammakaristos Church

Mosques in Istanbul

Secular buildings in Istanbul

Istanbul Justice Palace
The Zorlu Center

Streets in Istanbul

İstiklal Avenue
Halil Pasha Tower, Rumelihisarı
The Tower of Justice at Topkapi Palace

Theatres in Istanbul

Towers in Istanbul

Towers in Istanbul

Demographics of Istanbul

Demographics of Istanbul

Government and politics of Istanbul

Politics of Istanbul

Law and order in Istanbul

History of Istanbul

History of Istanbul

History of Istanbul, by period or event

Timeline of Istanbul

Emperor Constantine I presents a representation of the city of Constantinople. Church mosaic in Hagia Sophia, c. 1000.

History of Istanbul, by subject

Culture of Istanbul

Hagia Irene, the first Byzantine style church built in Constantinople
The Blue Mosque, an example of the Classical period of Ottoman architecture

Culture of Istanbul

Arts in Istanbul

Architecture of Istanbul

Architecture of Istanbul

Music of Istanbul

Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall
Istanbul in art: View Across the Golden Horn, Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque beyond, Constantinople by Ernst Koerner, 1913

Visual arts of Istanbul

Baklava, probably developed in the imperial kitchens of the Topkapı Palace in Istanbul
Republic Day celebrations on the Bosporus in Istanbul
Orhan Pamuk, Turkish novelist, screenwriter, academic and recipient of the 2006 Nobel Prize in Literature

Art in Istanbul

Cuisine of Istanbul

Events in Istanbul

Festivals in Istanbul

Languages of Istanbul

Media in Istanbul

People from Istanbul

Religion in Istanbul

Religion in Istanbul

Sports in Istanbul

Beşiktaş football team in 2011
Atatürk Olympic Stadium, the largest stadium of Turkey
Ülker Sports and Event Hall

Sports in Istanbul

Economy and infrastructure of Istanbul

Levent business district
A panorama of Maslak business district
Splendid Palace Hotel
Grand Bazaar, one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world
İstinye Park shopping center

Economy of Istanbul

Transportation in Istanbul

Istanbul Atatürk Airport
A ferry with the Topkapı Palace in the background
Bostancı quay, Kadıköy

Public transport in Istanbul

Rail transport in Istanbul

Yenikapı station on Istanbul Metro line M2
Mahmutbey station on Istanbul Metro line M3
Haydarpaşa railway station
A nostalgic tram on Istiklal Avenue

Education in Istanbul

Main gate of Istanbul University

Education in Istanbul

Healthcare in Istanbul

Memorial Hospital in Şişli

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