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The media of Los Angeles are influential and include some of the most important production facilities in the world. As part of the "Creative Capital of the World", [1] it is a major global center for media and entertainment. In addition to being the home of Hollywood, the center of the motion picture industry, the Los Angeles area is the second largest media market in North America (after New York City). [2] Many of the nation's media conglomerates either have their primary headquarters (like The Walt Disney Company) or their West Coast operations (like NBCUniversal) based in the region. Universal Music Group, one of the " Big Four" record labels, is also based in the Los Angeles area.

Antennas on Mount Wilson, a major transmitter site for Los Angeles radio and TV stations

The four major American television broadcast networks, ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC, all have production facilities and offices throughout various areas of Los Angeles. All four, plus major Spanish-language networks Telemundo and Univision, also own and operate stations that serve the Los Angeles market. The region also has four PBS stations, with KCET, re-joining the network as secondary affiliate in August 2019, after spending the previous eight years as the nation's largest independent public television station.[ citation needed]

The major daily newspaper is the Los Angeles Times, while La Opinión is the city's major daily Spanish-language paper. The Hollywood Reporter and Variety are significant entertainment industry papers in Los Angeles. There are also a wide variety of smaller regional newspapers, alternative weeklies and magazines, including LA Weekly, Los Angeles magazine, the Los Angeles Business Journal, the Los Angeles Daily Journal, and the Los Angeles Downtown News. In addition to the English- and Spanish-language papers, numerous local periodicals serve immigrant communities in their native languages, including Korean, Persian, Russian and Japanese.

The Southern California News Group, a subsidiary of Digital First Media, operates eleven other regional daily newspapers in greater Los Angeles, with all covering four of the five Los Angeles DMA counties. The Los Angeles Daily News, published in the San Fernando Valley community of Woodland Hills, serves as the flagship newspaper of SCNG; other publications under the SCNG umbrella include the Torrance-based Daily Breeze (serving the South Bay and southwestern Los Angeles County), Long Beach Press-Telegram, Pasadena Star-News, and the Orange County Register, which SCNG acquired (along with the Riverside Press-Enterprise) from Freedom Communications in March 2016. Los Angeles arts, culture and nightlife news is also covered by a number of local and national online guides like Time Out Los Angeles, Thrillist, Kristin's List, DailyCandy, LAist, and Flavorpill. [3]


The city's Hollywood neighborhood is notable as the home of the U.S. film industry, and its name has come to be a shorthand reference for the industry and the people in it. The industry's "Big Five" major film studios ( Columbia, Disney, Paramount, Universal, and Warner Bros.) are all based in or around Hollywood. Several other smaller and independent film companies also operate in the Los Angeles area.

Print media

Former Los Angeles Times headquarters in Downtown Los Angeles

Daily newspapers

Weekly and monthly newspapers




The Los Angeles area is the home of several major offices and production facilities in the television industry. The Fox Broadcasting Company is based in the Century City district of Los Angeles inside the 20th Century Studios studio lot, while another complex, the Fox Television Center, is in West Los Angeles. CBS owns CBS Studio Center in Studio City and previously owned Television City in the Fairfax District, although the network still maintains operations on that lot. ABC, and its parent company Disney, produce TV programs both at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank and at The Prospect Studios in the Los Feliz neighborhood. NBC use to primarily produce at what is now The Burbank Studios before its parent company NBCUniversal moved these operations in 2014 to a new complex across the street from the Universal Studios lot. Several other film studios may also produce TV shows on their respective lots.

The building that now houses the Pickford Center for Motion Picture Study, at 1313 North Vine Street in Hollywood, played a pivotal role in the history of Los Angeles television, as three area television stations (channels 2, 9, and 28) each used this facility to begin their initial broadcast operations in different points in time, as well as ABC Television using this building as a secondary studio facility to their Prospect lot. [23] The building, one of the first broadcast facilities built for television use, opened in August 1948 as the Mutual- Don Lee Broadcasting System Building, and it is where Channel 2 (then operating as KTSL, the DuMont network's original Los Angeles affiliate) first began its broadcast operations after receiving its FCC license just three months prior. [24] After Channel 2 was sold to CBS in 1951 (and was re-christened as KNXT thereafter), the station remained at 1313 North Vine until it relocated to near-by Columbia Square (at 6121 Sunset Boulevard, between El Centro and Gower Avenues) in 1961; Channel 9 also operated in this building until the early 1960s, when it and its then-sister radio station KHJ (930 AM) moved to the former Capitol Records building at 5515 Melrose Avenue, adjacent to the Paramount Pictures Studios. Channel 9 would remain at 5515 Melrose until 2002, after the station was purchased by CBS Corporation, and consolidated its operations with Channel 2 at Columbia Square; both stations moved to a dedicated television broadcast facility on the CBS Studio Center lot in 2007.

KCET Channel 28 used the Vine facility from its original sign-on in 1964 until 1971, when the station purchased and relocated to the former Monogram Pictures studio lot at 4401 Sunset Boulevard, where it remained until 2011, when the station moved to a new broadcast center in Burbank, across from the former NBC studio lot (now operating as The Burbank Studios). From the mid-1960s until the 1980s, ABC also used this facility (then operating as the Vine Street Theater) to produce several shows there, including the original run of The Newlywed Game, the first season of the ABC daytime version of Family Feud, and the situation comedy Barney Miller among other series.

In all, every major Los Angeles television station, including all seven original VHF stations (channels 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13), Spanish-language independent KWHY (channel 22), KCET, and Univision flagship station KMEX (channel 34) were based in Hollywood at various points in time, and nearly all of them (except for channels 13 and 34) were located on or near Sunset Boulevard. As most of these stations in proceeding years relocated to other parts of Greater Los Angeles, KTLA remains the only local broadcaster (television or radio) to be based in Hollywood, having been located at 5800 Sunset since 1958; prior to that, Channel 5 originally operated from the Paramount Melrose lot from its 1947 sign-on until the relocation six blocks to the north along Van Ness Avenue on Sunset, eleven years later.

Channel 4, then known as KRCA-TV (unrelated to the current KRCA, on channel 62) was the first Los Angeles television station to leave Hollywood (being based at the NBC Radio City building on Sunset and Vine since its 1949 sign-on), as the station moved to the NBC Burbank studio lot in November 1962, and the station changed its call letters to KNBC upon the move to the San Fernando Valley. [25] In 1997, KTTV, having been based at 5746 Sunset (across Van Ness from KTLA) since 1950 [26] moved to a new broadcast center in West Los Angeles, on Bundy Drive near Olympic Boulevard, and after being purchased by KTTV parent Fox Television Stations in the early 2000s, KCOP moved from its longtime studios on La Brea and Willoughby Avenues on the Los Angeles/ West Hollywood boundary line, [27] to the KTTV facility on Bundy and Olympic. Near the end of 2000, KABC-TV left its longtime home at the then-ABC Television Center at Prospect Avenue and Talmadge Street (less than one mile north of the former KCET Sunset studios), and moved to a new studio facility as part of Disney's Grand Central Creative campus in Glendale.

KMEX, one of the first Spanish-language television stations in the United States, [28] was originally located at 5420 Melrose (across from Paramount) from its September 1962 launch until 1993, where it moved to the Howard Hughes Center in the Westchester neighborhood of the city, near the Culver City border and Interstate 405. Although KMEX moved to the Hughes Center in 1993, originally occupying space in one of the office towers on the site upon its move, Univision built a dedicated broadcast center in 2002 in another area of the complex, and has housed KMEX, sister station KFTR (Channel 46), four co-owned radio stations, and the network's West Coast operations since then.


The following are full-powered stations serving the Los Angeles television market. Network owned-and-operated stations are highlighted in bold. For full-market listings, please see the Los Angeles television station template.

Channel Call Sign
Primary Network Affiliation Subchannel(s) City of License Owner
(CBS 2)
CBS 2.2 Start TV
2.3 Dabl
2.4 Fave TV
Los Angeles CBS Television Stations
( ViacomCBS)
4.1 KNBC
(NBC 4)
NBC 4.2 Cozi TV
4.3 LXTV
Los Angeles NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations
( NBCUniversal)
5.1 KTLA
The CW 5.2 Antenna TV
5.3 Court TV
5.4 TBD
Los Angeles Nexstar Media Group
ABC 7.2 Localish
7.3 This TV
7.4 QVC2
Los Angeles ABC Owned Television Stations
( The Walt Disney Company)
(K-CAL 9)
Independent 9.2 Stadium
9.3 Circle
9.4 Home Shopping Network
9.5 QVC
Los Angeles CBS Television Stations
11.1 KTTV
(Fox 11)
Fox 11.2 KTTV/Fox simulcast (in SD)
11.3 TheGrio.TV
11.4 Decades
Los Angeles Fox Television Stations
( Fox Corporation)
13.1 KCOP-TV
(My 13)
MyNetworkTV 13.2 Buzzr
13.3 Movies!
13.4 Heroes & Icons
Los Angeles Fox Television Stations
(Fox Corporation)
18.1 KSCI
Independent (multi-ethnic) 18.2 SBS
18.3 MBC-D
18.4 CGN
18.5 MBC America
18.6 YTV America
18.7 SonLife
18.9 Little Saigon TV
18.10 VietFastTV
18.11 SBTN
18.12 IBC TV
18.13 S-Channel
18.14 China Business Network
Long Beach NRJ Television
(Titan Broadcasting Group)
22.1 KWHY-TV Independent (Spanish) 22.2 Universal Church
22.3 Spanish informercials
22.4 Santidad TV
22.5 Majestad TV
22.6 Infomercials
22.7 Asian World Media TV
Los Angeles The Meruelo Group
24.1 KVCR-TV
(Empire Network PBS)
PBS 24.2 FNX
24.3 KVCR Desert Cities (PBS Encore)
24.4 Create
San Bernardino San Bernardino Community College District
28.1 KCET PBS 28.2 Create
28.3 NHK World
Los Angeles Public Media Group of Southern California
30.1 KPXN-TV Ion 30.2 Court TV
30.4 Court TV Mystery
30.5 Laff
30.6 Home Shopping Network
San Bernardino Ion Media Networks
(a subsidiary of the E. W. Scripps Company)
31.3, 31.5 CRTV
31.4 GDTV World
31.6 Faith TV
31.7, 31.9 Infomercials
31.8 WCETV
31.10 Grace TV
Twentynine Palms KVMD Licensee Co.
(Ulloa Family)
34.1 KMEX
(Univision 34)
Univision 34.2 KFTR/UniMas simulcast
34.3 Bounce TV
34.4 True Crime Network
34.5 Super TV USA
34.6 Twist
Los Angeles Univision Communications
40.1 KTBN-TV TBN 40.2 Hillsong Channel
40.3 Smile of a Child/ JUCE
40.4 Enlace USA
40.5 TBN Salsa
Santa Ana Trinity Broadcasting Network
44.1 KXLA Independent (multi-ethnic) 44.2 Sino TV
44.3 Sky Link TV 3
44.4 Sky Link TV 2
44.5 Arirang TV
44.6 Infomercials
44.7 NTDTV
44.8 KBS24
44.9 GETV
44.10 Jewelry Television
Rancho Palos Verdes Rancho Palos Verdes Broadcasters, Inc.
(Ulloa Family)
46.1 KFTR
(UniMas 46)
UniMas 46.2 GetTV
46.3 Court TV Mystery
46.4 Grit
46.5 Quest
Ontario Univision Communications
50.1 KOCE-TV
(PBS SoCal 1)
PBS 50.2 PBS SoCal 2 (PBS Encore)
50.3 Daystar
50.4 World
50.5 PBS Kids
Huntington Beach Public Media Group of Southern California
52.1 KVEA
(Telemundo 52)
Telemundo 52.2 TeleXitos Corona NBC Telemundo License, LLC
54.1 KAZA-TV
(MeTV Los Angeles)
MeTV 54.2 Decades Avalon Weigel Broadcasting
56.1 KDOC-TV Independent 56.2 ENSE TV
56.3 MeTV
56.4 Comet TV
56.5 SET TV
56.6 Local Now
56.7, 56.10 Little Saigon TV
56.8 Charge!
56.9 KDHL TV
Anaheim Ellis Communications
(Titan Broadcasting Group)
57.1 KJLA
(Azteca 57)
Azteca 57.2 VietFace TV
57.3 VNA-TV
57.4, 57.7, 57.14, 57.17 CRTV
57.5 Saigon TV
57.6 VBS
57.8 KVLA-TV
57.9 ZWTV
57.10 VietPho
57.11 Vstar
57.12 VGM TV
57.13 VCAL TV
57.15 Asian World Media TV
57.16 XEMTV
Ventura KJLA, LLC
(Ulloa Family)
58.1 KLCS PBS 58.2 PBS Kids
58.3 Create
Los Angeles Los Angeles Unified School District
62.1 KRCA Estrella TV 62.2 Estrella TV SD simulcast Riverside Estrella Media
63.1 KBEH Independent (Spanish Religious) 63.3 Retro TV
63.4 Spanish informercials
63.5 EEE Network
Garden Grove The Meruelo Group
64.1 KILM Grit none Inglewood Ion Media Networks
(a subsidiary of the E. W. Scripps Company)

Cable and internet


A number of radio stations are broadcast from and/or are licensed to Los Angeles, including the following:


Frequency Callsign [29] Format [30] City of License Notes Ownership
570 KLAC Sports Los Angeles, California Broadcasts from Burbank, California [31] iHeartMedia, Inc.
Los Angeles Dodgers
640 KFI Talk Los Angeles, California - iHeartMedia, Inc.
670 KIRN Iranian Ethnic Simi Valley, California - Lotus Communications
710 KSPN Sports Los Angeles, California Broadcasts from Los Angeles, California [32] Disney
740 KBRT Christian Talk Costa Mesa, California Broadcasts from Costa Mesa [33] Crawford Broadcasting
790 KABC Talk Los Angeles, California Broadcasts from Los Angeles [34] Cumulus Media
830 KLAA Sports Orange, California - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
870 KRLA Talk Glendale, California - Salem Communications
900 KALI Spanish Religious West Covina, California - Multicultural Broadcasting
930 KHJ Christian Los Angeles, California - IHR
980 KFWB Regional Mexican Los Angeles, California 'La Mera Mera!' Principle Broadcasting
1020 KTNQ Spanish Talk Los Angeles, California - Univision Radio
1070 KNX News Los Angeles, California 'KNX 1070 NewsRadio' Entercom
1110 KRDC Sports Pasadena, California - Disney
1150 KEIB Talk Los Angeles, California - iHeartMedia, Inc.
1190 KGBN Korean Anaheim, California - Korean Gospel Broadcasting Network
1230 KYPA Korean Los Angeles, California - Multicultural Broadcasting
1260 KMZT Classical Beverly Hills, California - Mt. Wilson Broadcasting
1280 KFRN Christian Long Beach, California - Family Radio
1300 KAZN Mandarin Chinese Pasadena, California - Multicultural Broadcasting
1330 KWKW Spanish Sports Los Angeles, California TUDN Radio Lotus Communications
1390 KLTX Spanish Christian Long Beach, California Radio Nueva Vida -
1430 KMRB Cantonese Chinese San Gabriel, California - Multicultural Broadcasting
1460 KTYM Urban Gospel Inglewood, California - -
1540 KMPC Korean Los Angeles, California - -
1580 KBLA Spanish Christian Santa Monica, California - Multicultural Broadcasting
1650 KFOX Korean Torrance, California - -


City of License Notes Owner-
88.1 KKJZ
Jazz Long Beach, California - CSU-Long Beach
88.5 KCSN
AAA Northridge, California - CSU-Northridge
88.9 KXLU
KXLU 88.9
Freeform Los Angeles, California - Loyola Marymount University
89.3 KPCC
KPPC 89.3
Public Pasadena, California NPR SCPR
89.9 KCRW
Public Santa Monica, California NPR Santa Monica Community College
90.3 KMRO
Radio Nueva Vida
Spanish Religious Camarillo, California - The Association For Community Education, Inc.
90.7 KPFK
Freeform Los Angeles, California - Radio Pacifica
91.5 KUSC
Classical KUSC
Classical Los Angeles, California - USC
92.3 KRRL
Real 92.3
Urban Contemporary Los Angeles, California - iHeartMedia, Inc.
92.7 KYLA
Christian Rock Fountain Valley, California - Educational Media Foundation
93.1 KCBS
Jack FM
Adult Hits Los Angeles, California - Entercom
93.5 KDAY
93.5 KDAY
Classic hip hop Redondo Beach, California - Meruelo Group
93.9 KLLI
Cali 93.9
Spanish Urban Los Angeles, California - Meruelo Group
94.3 KBUA
Que Buena
Regional Mexican San Fernando, California - Liberman Broadcasting
94.7 KTWV
The Wave
Urban AC Los Angeles, California - Entercom
95.5 KLOS
95.5 KLOS
Classic Rock Los Angeles, California - Cumulus Media (sale to Meruelo Group pending)
95.9 KFSH
The Fish
Contemporary Christian Glendale, California Studios in Glendale; however coverage only in far South LA and O.C. Salem Communications
96.3 KXOL
Mega 96.3
Spanish Contemporary Los Angeles, California - SBS
96.7 KWIZ
La Ranchera
Regional Mexican Santa Ana, California Liberman Broadcasting
97.1 KAMP
Amp Radio
Top 40 Los Angeles, California - Entercom
97.5 KLYY
La Tricolor 97.5
Regional Mexican - -
97.9 KLAX
97.9 La Raza
Regional Mexican East Los Angeles, California - SBS
98.3 KRCV
Las Veriedad
Spanish Adult Hits West Covina, California - Univision Radio
98.7 KYSR
Alt 98.7
Alternative Los Angeles, California - iHeartMedia, Inc.
99.5 KKLA
99.5 KKLA
Christian Talk Los Angeles, California - Salem Communications
100.3 KKLQ
Positive & Encouraging K-LOVE
Contemporary Christian Los Angeles, California - Educational Media Foundation
101.1 KRTH
Classic Hits Los Angeles, California - Entercom
101.9 KSCA
Regional Mexican Glendale, California - Univision Radio
102.3 KJLH
Radio Free KJLH
Urban AC Compton, California - Taxi Communications
102.7 KIIS
Top 40 Los Angeles, California - iHeartMedia, Inc.
103.1 KDLD
La Tricolor
Regional Mexican Santa Monica, California Simulcast of KLYY [30] Entravision
103.5 KOST
KOST 103.5
Adult Contemporary Los Angeles, California - iHeartMedia, Inc.
103.9 KRCD
Spanish Adult Hits Inglewood, California - Univision Radio
104.3 KBIG
104.3 MYfm
Hot AC Los Angeles, California - iHeartMedia, Inc.
104.7 KOCP
Rhythmic Oldies Camarillo, California On July 1, 2016, KCAQ Hip Hop flipped to 95.9 and moved to Ventura Co. and KOCP moved into LA Gold Broadcasters
105.1 KKGO
Go Country
Country Los Angeles, California - Mt. Wilson Broadcasting
105.5 KBUE
Que Buena 105.5
Regional Mexican Long Beach, California - Liberman Broadcasting
105.9 KPWR
Power 106
Rhythmic Contemporary Los Angeles, California - Meruelo Group
106.7 KROQ
106.7 KROQ
Alternative Pasadena, California - Entercom
107.1 KSSE
La Suavecita 107.1
Spanish Contemporary Arcadia, California - Entravision
107.5 KLVE
Spanish Contemporary Los Angeles, California - Univision Radio

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