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The historical landmark Scala Cinema of Siam Square, closed in 2020

Cinemas in Thailand are popular venues for entertainment. Especially in Bangkok, the movie theaters tend to be multiplex facilities offering many other forms of entertainment besides movies, such as bowling or karaoke, along with restaurants and small shops.

The films playing in Thai cinemas are usually first-run Hollywood features, which tend to dominate the box-office scene. [1] There is a burgeoning Thai film industry that is making dozens of films each year that are increasingly popular with local audiences. Films from other Asian countries, such as Korea, Japan and Hong Kong, are popular as well.

The movie-theater business in Thailand is led by the Major Cineplex Group, which owns the Major Cineplex chain as well as the EGV chain and operates the Paragon Cineplex at Siam Paragon as well as Thailand's IMAX theaters. [2] Behind the combined Major Cineplex-EGV, which has a 50 percent market share, the SF Group is the No. 2 operator, with a 35 percent share. [3] Smaller chains include Apex in Bangkok's Siam Square, Thana Cineplex, Major Hollywood and UMG. In Chiang Mai, there is the Vista cinema. In Southern Thailand, there is the Coliseum chain.

As of 2007, there were 570 screens in Thailand, with 300 in the Bangkok metropolitan area. Nationwide, the person-to-screen ratio is 170 people per screen, with a 30:1 ratio in Bangkok. [3]

Ticketing, seating and customs

An assortment of ticket stubs from Bangkok cinemas, circa 2006.

Ticket prices range from around 70 baht to 160 baht, depending on the time of day, the day of the week, the location of the theater and the movie being screened. In Bangkok cinemas, the price for new-release films will generally be 140 to 160 baht.

Seating is assigned; audience members make their choice of seating on a computer screen at the box office. Online ticketing is available on theater-chain websites. Automated phone booking is available as well.

Before the film, the audience must stand for the "Royal Anthem", which is accompanied by a montage of images of King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

Most theaters in Thailand keep the air conditioning very cold; patrons often bring a light sweater or jacket. [1]

The EGV chain has "Gold Class" cinemas, which have smaller screening rooms fitted with reclining seats, blankets and pillows. Prices for a Gold Class show range from 300 baht to 500 baht. The Major Cineplex chain offers comparable "Emperor" class seating, while SF Cinema has "First Class" and "VIP" screenings and Major Hollywood has "Star" seats. Paragon Cineplex has "Ultra Screen" theaters. Some cinemas, including Major Cineplex, EGV and Major Hollywood, have sofa-style seating at the back of the auditoriums, intended for couples. Customers who purchase these types of seats may sit in a lounge before the show and may be provided with free drinks or popcorn. Food and drinks may also be ordered and will be served by theater staff as the movie is playing. [4]

Language and subtitling

In central Bangkok and cities with many tourists and foreign residents, such as Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Phuket, foreign films (including Hollywood releases) will have the original soundtrack (called "soundtrack") with Thai subtitles. Outside of tourism centers and in some suburban Bangkok cinemas, all the foreign films, including Hollywood films, will generally be dubbed into Thai language.

Films from other Asian countries, including China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea, often play in Thailand theaters, but the soundtracks will usually be dubbed into Thai. Exceptions to this will be found at the Apex chain theaters in Siam Square and at House cinema on Royal City Avenue.

Often, films from Hollywood, such as The Da Vinci Code, as well as films from European countries that feature languages other than English, will have only Thai subtitles. [1]

For Thai films, most cinemas in tourism centers will have English subtitles. Exceptions for regional language (like Isan) in Thai film, such as Yam Yasothon (Thai: แหยม ยโสธร) and Panya Raenu (Thai: ปัญญา เรณู), which have only Thai-subtitles.

Film ratings

A motion picture rating system to replace the 1930 Film Code was passed by the National Legislative Assembly in 2007 and was implemented in 2010.

Under the 1930 Film Code, the Board of Censors reviewed all films to be shown in Thailand and made cuts or altered scenes that were deemed inappropriate. The board was made up of members of the Royal Thai Police and Ministry of Culture officials. Members of various interest groups, such as Buddhist monks, physicians or teachers, are sometimes consulted about whether certain films would offend them.

Traditionally, depictions of sex and nudity are dealt with most heavy-handedly, with scenes being cut, pixelated or obscured by petroleum jelly. Profanity and violence are generally left intact.


The Apex Group of cinemas comprise the Lido, Scala and Siam theaters in Siam Square in Bangkok. The company is owned by the Tansacha family and is headed by Nanta Tansacha. [5] The theaters were built in the late 1960s and have changed little since, making possible a retro movie-going experience that can't be found at the shopping-mall multiplexes. The theaters tend to not be as crowded as the other cinemas in central Bangkok, and it's usually possible to obtain the most-desired seating just minutes before showtime. The Apex cinemas not only show first-run Hollywood films, but also many art films, which is unique in Thailand, other than the House theater on Royal City Avenue. Among the events exclusive to the Apex is the annual Little Big Film Project, in which a series of foreign independent films are shown over the course of several weeks.

Cinema Screens Seats Location Remarks
Lido 3 675 Siam Square, Pathum Wan, opposite Siam Center The Lido cinemas are an older multiplex dating back to the late 1960s. They often screen Japanese, Korean and other foreign films and offer both Thai and English subtitles. All seats are 100 baht.

On May 31, 2018, the cinema held a farewell event for the original iteration of the multiplex before closing down for renovation and re-opened as Lido Connect on July 30, 2019. After re-opening, while Lido 2 and 3 were converted into concert and live event halls — only Lido 1 remains as a movie theater.

Scala 1 900 Siam Square, Pathum Wan, opposite Siam Discovery Center The Scala Theatre was built in 1967. The screen is 21 meters wide and 8.7 meters tall. [5] Ticket buyers point out what seats they desire on a paper chart in the ticket booth. Also in the lobby are hand-painted movie advertisements, which were commonplace in Thailand until the 1990s, when large-scale screen printing became available. First-run Hollywood features are usually featured at the Scala, with the films moving to the Lido cinemas in subsequent weeks. The Scala is occasionally booked for live shows and private functions. Tickets are 140 baht for normal seats (Row H-CC) and 160 baht for stadium-style seating at the rear of the auditorium (Row A-G).

Scala switched their main projector from film to digital on February 27, 2013, with the film projector still available for special screenings of films in 35mm movie film.

The Scala Cinema closed on 5 July 2020, with its last screening being the film, Cinema Paradiso.

Siam 1 832 Siam Square, Pathum Wan, opposite Siam Paragon

Siam Theatre was burnt down during the political unrest in Bangkok on 19 May 2010.

Coliseum Multiplex

Coliseum Multiplex is a chain of movie theaters in Southern Thailand.

Cinema Screens Seats Location Remarks
Coliseum Multiplex 3 Lee Garden, Hat Yai
Coliseum Multiplex 6 Paradise Shopping Plaza, Phuket City
Coliseum Multiplex 1 Trang Rama Trang Province
Coliseum Multiplex 3 Phatthalung

Major Cineplex Group

Major Cineplex, combined with the EGV chain, is the largest operator of cinemas in Thailand. Its operations are concentrated in Bangkok. Major Cineplex's cinemas are divided into five brands which are Major Cineplex, EGV, Paragon Cineplex, Quartier CineArt and Esplanade Cineplex.

1. Current Branches

In Bangkok district

Cinema Screens Seats Location Remarks
Major Cineplex Lotus's Rama 2 3 765 Lotus's Rama 2
Major Cineplex Bangpakok 3 Lotus's Bangpakok
Major Cineplex Bangsue 6 Gateway at Bangsue Bangpo
Major Cineplex Ladkrabang 5 Robinson Lifestyle Ladkrabang Opened November 2019.
Major Cineplex Bang Kapi 10 2256 Lotus's Bang Kapi Lat Phrao Road
Major Cineplex Bang Na 10 1954 CentralPlaza Bangna On the sixth floor of a Central Group shopping mall, adjacent to restaurants, shops and the Pororo Aquapark Bangkok water amusement park.
Major Cineplex Central Pinklao 11 Central Pinklao, Pinklao-Nakhon Chaisri Road Rebranded from an EGV location.
Major Cineplex Fashion Island 7 Fashion Island, Ram Inthra Road, Min Buri Formerly an EGV cinema but was rebranded after the Major Cineplex and EGV chains merged.
Major Cineplex Future Park Rangsit 10 1701 Future Park Rangsit Rebranded from an EGV location.
Major Cineplex Tiwanon 3 Big C Tiwanon, Tiwanon Road Nonthaburi Moved to River Plaza Nonthaburi
Major Cineplex Phetchakasem 6 1746 Phetkasem Power Center Phetkasem Road, Bangkok
Major Cineplex Pinklao 13 3850 Boromarachachonnanee Road, Bang Phlat The first Major Cineplex complex, it opened in 1996. Opposite Central Plaza Pinklao, Bangkok Noi.
Major Cineplex Ratchayothin 15 4014+ Phahonyothin Road, Lat Yao, Chatuchak The former flagship branch of the Major Cineplex chain was opened in 1998. It had Thailand's first IMAX theater until the IMAX operation was moved to Paragon Cineplex in 2006. The shopping mall is anchored by the cineplex, with shops, restaurants, a bowling alley, karaoke and a fitness center. An IMAX Digital Theatre was opened here in 2010. [6]
Major Cineplex Rama 2 9 1710 Central Rama 2
Major Cineplex Rama 3 9 2596 Central Rama 3 A former United Artists multiplex, Major Cineplex took it over and remodeled it in 2003.
Major Cineplex Rangsit 16 3465 Phahonyothin Road, Rangsit, Pathum Thani The first megaplex in Asia.
Major Cineplex Samrong 8 Imperial World Samrong, Sukhumvit Road, Samut Prakan Formerly an EGV Cinema but was rebranded after the Major Cineplex and EGV chains merged.
Major Cineplex Samsen 6 1505 Supreme Complex Shopping Mall, Samsen Rd, Bangkok
Major Cineplex Srinakarin 5 1259 Lotus's Srinakarin (Old Plus Mall)
Major Cineplex Sukhumvit 8 1746 Sukhumvit Soi 61, Watthana A shopping center anchored by the movie theater with restaurants, shops, bowling alley and karaoke, the Sukhumvit branch sometimes has late shows. It is near the Skytrain's Ekamai station, opposite the Eastern Bus Terminal.
Major Cineplex Samut Prakan 2 2 Makro x Lotus's Mall Samut Prakan Sai Luat Road, Samut Prakan Province
Major Cineplex Samut Prakan 5 Robinson Lifestyle Samut Prakan Opened October 2014.

In Province district

Cinema Screens Seats Location Remarks
Major Cineplex Ayutthaya 4 1313 Big C, Ayutthaya , includes 10-lane bowling alley.
Major Cineplex Amata Nakorn 5 1310 Lotus's Amata Nakorn Industrial District, Chonburi
Major Cineplex Ban Pong 5 1442 Lotus's, Ban Pong, Ratchaburi
Major Cineplex Chachoengsao 5 1711 Big C Chachoengsao Part of complex anchored by Big C, has 12-lane bowling alley.
Major Cineplex Chiang Mai Airport 7 1843 Central Chiangmai Airport Normal-class seat is priced at 100-120 baht. On Tuesday there is a special discount in all classes. Honeymoon seat is available, providing larger seat pitch and legroom. Emperor-class reclining seat is also available at 500 baht with a complimentary drink or popcorn.
Major Cineplex Central Chiangmai 10 2409 Central Chiangmai, Chiang Mai Opened December 2013,Krungsri Imax seats have 391 & Digital seats have 2018.
Major Cineplex Chiang Rai 5 1347 Central Chiang Rai Opened March 2011.
Major Cineplex Chiang Rai 2 4 Big C Chiang Rai 2
Major Cineplex Chonburi 2 2 Lotus's Chonburi 3 (Ban Suan)
Major Cineplex Chonburi 4 1063 Big C Chonburi
Major Cineplex Hua Hin 4 1404 Hua Hin Market Village Opened February 2006, large-scale shopping mall has a Lotus's, bowling alley and many stores. Does not often show English-soundtrack films.
Major Cineplex Krabi 4 1134 Lotus's, Krabi Opened December 2007, includes 8-lane bowling alley.
Major Cineplex Nakhon Sawan 5 1138 V-Square Nakhon Sawan
Major Cineplex Nakhon Sawan 2 4 Makro x Lotus's Mall Nakhon Sawan
Major Cineplex Nawanakorn 4 1187 Lotus's Nawanakhon
Major Cineplex Pattaya 8 1748 The Avenue Pattaya, Second Road, Pattaya Stand-alone branch with Blu-O Rhythm & Bowl.
Major Cineplex Phetchabun 4 1144 Lotus's, Phetchabun
Major Cineplex Phitsanulok 4 1067 Lotus's Phitsanulok
Major Cineplex Salaya 5 1003 Lotus's Salaya
Major Cineplex Samui 3 918 Lotus's Ko Samui includes 12-lane bowling alley.
Major Cineplex Samui 2 3 Central Samui
Major Cineplex Saraburi 4 1100 Suk-Anan park shopping mall, Saraburi
Major Cineplex Rangsit-Klong 6 4 1020 Big C Thanyaburi
Major Cineplex Ubon Ratchathani 7 Central Ubon Opened April 2013.
Major Cineplex Udon Thani 8 2120 Central Udon
Major Cineplex Kamphaeng Phet 4 1008 Big C Kamphaeng Phet
Major Cineplex Mukdahan 4 1090 Robinson Lifestyle Mukdahan Opened December 2014.
Major Cineplex Nong Bua Lamphu 4 1050 Lotus's Nong Bua Lamphu
Major Cineplex Nong Khai 2 Asawann Nong Khai 2 (Big C Nong Khai)
Major Cineplex Sakon Nakhon 4 Robinson Lifestyle Sakon Nakhon Opened November 2013.
Major Cineplex Kamphaeng Phet 2 4 Robinson Lifestyle Kamphaeng Phet Opened December 2017.
Major Cineplex Chaiyaphum 3 Robinson Lifestyle Chaiyaphum Opened December 2018.
Major Cineplex Phetburi 5 Robinson Lifestyle Phetburi Opened May 2017.
Major Cineplex Roi Et 2 4 Robinson Lifestyle Roi Et Opened October 2014.
Major Cineplex Saraburi 2 6 Robinson Lifestyle Saraburi Opened November 2013.

Major Cinema

Major Cinema (Original EGV) as the first multiplex cinema operator in Thailand. The No. 2 operator of cinemas, it merged with Major Cineplex in 2004.

Cinema Screens Seats Location Remarks
Grand EGV Bang Khae 10 1900 Seacon Bangkae, Petchkasem Road, Bang Khae The first multiplex theater in Thailand, Opened in 1994 built situated in the former Future Park Bangkae Shopping Mall before taken over by Seacon Development Public Co., Ltd. In August 2010 it was temporarily closed for big renovated and will be opened in August 2012.
Major Cinema Pakchong 3 Big C Pakchong Nakhon Ratchasima
Major Cinema Saraburi 2 Lotus's Saraburi
Major Cinema Saraburi 2 4 Big C Place Saraburi
Major Cinema Hatyai 2 Lotus's Hatyai 1 Songkhla
Major Cinema Mahachai 2 Big C Mahachai 2 Samut Sakhon
Major Cinema Bowin 3 Big C Bowin, Rayong
Major Cinema Ratchaphruek 4 Robinson Lifestyle Ratchaphruek Nonthaburi Opened November 2022.
Major Cinema Chalong 3 Robinson Lifestyle Chalong Phuket Opened September 2023.
EGV Samut Prakan 2 Big C Place Samut Prakan Samut Prakan Province
EGV Nongbua 1 Big C Nongbua Nakhon Sawan Province
EGV Phimai 2 Lotus's Phimai Nakhon Ratchasima Province
EGV Surat Thani 6 Lotus's Surat Thani Province
EGV Omyai 5 1224 Big C Omyai Nakhon Pathom
EGV Si Racha 4 1350 Pacific Park Si Racha Chonburi Province
EGV Songkhla 5 Lotus's Songkhla
Major Cinema Khon Kaen 5 1228 Lotus's Khon Kaen 2
EGV Uttaradit 2 Lotus's Uttaradit Province

Paragon Cineplex

Paragon Cineplex is located in the Siam Paragon shopping mall, and is operated by the Major Cineplex Group.

Cinema Screens Seats Location Remarks
Krungsri IMAX 1 600 Siam Paragon, Pathum Wan Opened June 2006; moved from former location at Major Ratchayothin. It's also the only IMAX theater in the Southeast Asia region with a functional IMAX 70mm film projector.
Paragon Cineplex 15 3450 Siam Paragon, Pathum Wan Opened in early 2006 on the fifth floor of the shopping mall, the cineplex includes the Siam Pavalai, a 1,200-seat theater. There are six smaller, luxury "Ultra Screen" cinemas, with reclining seats, as well as Enigma, a members-only cinema and lounge.

Esplanade Cineplex

Esplanade Cineplex is located in The Esplanade (Bangkok) shopping mall, and is operated by the Major Cineplex Group.

Cinema Screens Seats Location Remarks
Esplanade Cineplex Ratchada 12 2700 Esplanade Ratchada, Ratchadaphisek Road, Din Daeng A flagship branch for the Major Cineplex chain opened in December 2006. It includes a 22-lane bowling alley, an ice-skating rink, shops and restaurants. It is near the MRT's Thailand Cultural Centre station.
Esplanade Cineplex Rattanathibate 16 4200 The Esplanade (Ngamwonwan-Khaerai) Rattanathibate Road, Nonthaburi The second branch in the Esplanade Cineplex's chain. It includes a 22-lane bowling alley,15 karaoke rooms, an ice-skating rink 2-times larger than Rachadaphisek branch, 7,435 sq.m. retail space.Including the MMAX Theatre, the Thailand's biggest Digital 3D Screen. It is expected to open in December 2009. It is located in the premise of Lotus's Rattanathibate at Kae-Lai Intersection

Paradise Cineplex

Paradise Cineplex is located in the Paradise Park up-scale shopping mall, a former Seri Center on Srinakarin Road and operated by the Major Cineplex Group.

Cinema Screens Seats Location Remarks
Paradise Cineplex 8 1550 Paradise Park, Prawet A former Major Cineplex, the multiplex was expanded from six to eight screens and rebranded as Paradise Cineplex on 4 August 2010. In keeping with the shopping mall's aims, the multiplex is marketed as an upscale luxury cinema focused on high-income customers lived in eastern Bangkok and the suburbs near Srinakarin Road, Suvarnabhumi Airport and the Bangna-Trad Road area. Closed in January 2023.

Mega Cineplex

Mega Cineplex is located in the Mega Bangna shopping mall, and is operated by the Major Cineplex Group.

Cinema Screens Seats Location Remarks
Mega Cineplex 15 3445 Siam Future Mega Bangna, Bangkok 15 Digital cinema with Blu-O bowling and karaoke and Sub-Zero ice skate rink.

Hatyai Cineplex

Hatyai Cineplex is located in the Central Hatyai shopping mall, and is operated by the Major Cineplex Group.

Cinema Screens Seats Location Remarks
Hatyai Cineplex 10 2329 Central Hatyai, Songkla Opened in December 2013 on the fifth floor of the shopping mall, the cineplex includes luxury "Ultra Screen" cinemas, with reclining seats, and 4DX Theater. The tenth cinema used to be IMAX theater.

Quartier CineArt

Quartier CineArt is located in the EmQuartier (Bangkok) shopping mall, and is operated by the Major Cineplex Group.

Cinema Screens Seats Location Remarks
Real Asset Presents IMAX 1 386 EmQuartier, Phrom Phong Opened April 2015; projector moved from former location at Major Pinklao. Full IMAX ratio at 1.90:1.
Quartier CineArt 7 1048 EmQuartier, Phrom Phong Opened in April 2015 on the fourth floor of the shopping mall, the cineplex includes the AEON Theater @ Quartier the Thailand first and luxury cinema screened by laser projector system. The formally named SCB First Screen is the fourth location of Major Cineplex Dolby Atmos theater with RealD XL screening system. And the TRUE Screen X, the Asean first of Screen X system powered by 9 projectors and 3 screens around the theater.

WestGate Cineplex

WestGate Cineplex is located in the CentralPlaza WestGate shopping mall, and is operated by the Major Cineplex Group.

Cinema Screens Seats Location Remarks
Krungsri IMAX 1 402 CentralPlaza WestGate, Bang Yai Opened August 2015; the third branch with IMAX HFR system.
WestGate Cineplex 11 1888 CentralPlaza WestGate, Bang Yai Opened in August 2015 on the fourth–fifth floor of the shopping mall, the cineplex includes the Ultra Screen, fifth location of Major Cineplex Dolby Atmos theater with RealD 3D screening system, the 4DX with all new 13-types effect, Kids Cinema, the 2 cinema halls for kids by adaption the concept from EGV Kids Cinemas @ Future Park Rangsit, and 6 digital cinema halls.

ICON Cineconic

The seventeenth installment of Major Cineplex chain, exclusively built in Iconsiam Bangkok shopping mall in 2018. It is said to be a Thailand first interracial standard concept and Thailand first laserplex. With 14 screens and 3,000 seats, ICON Cineconic cinemas are including The Iconic IMAX Theater-the first IMAX with Laser theater in Thailand that equipped by IMAX-Barco 2nd generation laser projector (the Commercial Laser; CoLa) and 12.1 channel IMAX nXos sound system, The Iconic VIP Screen-the 6 star theater, Cineconic Kids Cinema, Cineconic Living Cinema-a cinema-themed with living room concept that provide for group rental or event rental first, the Iconic 4DX theater, and 9 digital cinemas that equipped with laser projection system.

Eastville Cineplex

Located in Central Eastville shopping mall. Designed in English Garden cinema concept and provide the first eco-cineplex that belong to "Green Ville" concepts of shopping mall.

Diana Cineplex

Located in Diana Hat Yai shopping mall in Songkla. Designed in Movie Relaxation theme.

Ayutthaya City Park Cineplex

Located in Ayutthaya City Park shopping mall in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya. Designed in Movie Relaxation theme.

Korat Cineplex

Located in The Mall Korat shopping mall in Nakhon Ratchasima. Designed in Digital Edge theme belong to WestGate Cineplex.

Blúport Cineplex

Located in Blúport shopping mall in Huahin, Prachuap Khiri Khan. Designed in Resort theme belong to shopping mall theme.

Seacon Cineplex

Located in Season Square Srinagarinda shopping mall. Designed in Resort theme.

Si Racha Cineplex

Located in Central Si Racha shopping mall in Si Racha, Chonburi. Designed in Digital Oasis theme.

Chanthaburi Cineplex

Located in Central Chanthaburi shopping mall in Chanthaburi. Designed in Digital Oasis theme.

Westville Cineplex

Located in Central Westville shopping mall in Nonthaburi. It is to be first cinema hall that designed for low carbon and sustainability design. All materials used for decorate are recycled materials.

Bangkapi Cineplex

Located in The Mall Lifestore Bangkapi shopping mall in Bangkapi

Major Hollywood

Major Hollywood is a small chain of cinemas in suburban Bangkok.

Cinema Screens Seats Location Remarks
Major Hollywood Suksawat 7 Suksawat Road, Ratburana The first branch of Major Hollywood cinema chain.

Closed in 2017. then demolished in 2019.

Major Hollywood Chaeng Watthana 10 1799 Chaeng Watthana Road, Pak Kret, Nonthaburi There are 3 types of auditoriums. First, 8 Standard auditoriums with total 1713 seats.Second, 1 auditorium named Major Hollywood's "Sweet" cinemas are fitted with couches and are designed for couples provided only 56 seats.Third,1 auditorium named Major Hollywood's "Star" cinemas are small screening rooms fitted with thickly padded reclining seats, with tableside food-and-beverage service provided only 30 v.i.p. seats.There are also bowling alley and karaoke rooms.
Major Hollywood Ramkhamhaeng 10 Ramkhamhaeng Road, Bang Kapi, opposite Ramkhamhaeng University Three-story complex has a shopping arcade, snack shops, 18-lane bowling alley and karaoke facilities. There are also "Sweet" and "Star" v.i.p auditoriums.All standard auditoriums has leg-space up to 1.5 meter with new style comfortable seat.
U Hollywood N/A Phahonyothin Rd. opposite Central Lat Proa Shopping Mall.6th floor on Union Mall Shopping Complex. The world class eco-cinema concept opening in 14 Jan 2012 Thailand Children's Day.


Nevada is a chain in northeastern Thailand.

Cinema Screens Seats Location Remarks
Nevada Multiplex Ubon Ratchathani 7 2100 Ubon Ratchathani A cinema and hotel complex was the first multiplex in Thailand.
Nevada 3 Sakon Nakhon
Nevada 3 Roi Et
Nevada Udon Thani Located at IT Plaza

SF Group

SF Cinema

SF Cinema is one of the brand names of SF Group. SF Cinema, dubbed SFC is targeted at middle-class families and teenagers. Its location is designed under the theme of Orange and White in relation to its logo and corporate identity system. [7]

Cinema Screens Seats Location Remarks
SF Cinema Bang Khae 8 2088 The Mall Lifestore Bang Khae, Phetkasem Road Opened in August 2001 in suburban shopping center under the concept "Movie Fantasy".
SF Cinema Bangsaen 4 1200 Laemthong Shopping Center Bangsaen Cholburi Opened in February 2010
SF Cinema Chanthaburi 4 1100 Robinson Lifestyle Chanthaburi Chanthaburi Renovated from SF Multiplex in 2008.
SF Cinema Central Chonburi 7 1800 Central Chonburi Opened in March 2009
SF Cinema Jungceylon 5 Jungceylon Shopping Complex, Phuket Oriental-themed entertainment complex and shopping mall with bowling and karaoke. Opened in October 2007.
SF Cinema Khon Kaen 8 2400 Central Khon Kaen Opened in December 2009
SF Cinema Laemchabang 4 Harbor Mall Shopping Center, Laemchabang, Amphoe Si Racha, Chonburi Province Opened in March 2009.
SF Cinema Rayong 6 Passione Shopping Destination Rayong SF Rayong Added 2 Cinema
SF Cinema MBK 8 2120 MBK Center, Pathum Wan The company's first multiplex branch, opened in 1999 under the theme "Movie Planet". Also has VIP cinema, bowling alley, karaoke; at Skytrain's National Stadium station. Has digital capability. Currently undergoing a comprehensive renovation program.
SF Cinema Pattaya 6 1610 Central Marina Pattaya
SF Cinema Ramindra 6 1383 Central Ramindra
SF Cinema Asoke 8 2000 Terminal 21 Asoke Junction, Bangkok Opened in October 2011
SF Cinema Tha Phra 8 The Mall Lifestore Tha Phra, Bangkok Facility to be expanded to up to 12 screens. There is also a bowling alley at the complex. The cinema is being promoted as "High Class Luxury Cinema Experience". Renovated facility opened in October 2007.
SF Cinema Trang 4 Robinson Lifestyle Trang Opened November 2010.
SF Cinema Suphanburi 4 Robinson Lifestyle Suphanburi Opened March 2012.
SF Cinema Ubon Ratchathani 7 City Mall Shopping Center @ Sunee Tower Ubon Ratchathani
SF Cinema Udon Thani 8 Tukcom Landmark Plaza Udon Thani
SF Cinema Kanchanaburi 5 Robinson Lifestyle Kanchanaburi Opened February 2013.
SF Cinema Chiang Mai 8 Promenada Resort Mall Chiang Mai
SF Cinema Sattahip 2 Lotus's Sattahip
SF Cinema Bang Phli 6 Big C Bangphli
SF Cinema Srisaman 6 Robinson Lifestyle Srisaman Opened November 2015.
SF Cinema Nakhon Si Thammarat 2 6 Central Nakhon Si Opened July 2016.
SF Cinema Srinakarin 5 JAS Urban Srinakarin
SF Cinema Mahachai 6 Central Mahachai Opened November 2017.
SF Cinema Phayao 3 Tops Plaza Phayao Opened January 2019.
SF Cinema Chonburi 2 5 Robinson Lifestyle Chonburi (Amata Nakhon) Opened June 2018.
SF Cinema Muang Thong Thani 5 Cosmo Bazaar Muang Thong Thani
SF Cinema Chumphon 3 Lotus's Chumphon
SF Cinema Phetkasem 4 Big C Phetkasem 2
SF Cinema Bowin 3 Robinson Lifestyle Bowin Opened May 2020.
SF Cinema Krabi 4 Big C Krabi
SF Cinema Ayutthaya 5 897 Central Ayutthaya Opened November 2021.
SF Cinema Banchang 3 561 Robinson Lifestyle Banchang Opened March 2022.
SF Cinema Thalang 3 576 Robinson Lifestyle Thalang Opened August 2022.
SF Cinema Rama 3 8 Terminal 21 Rama 3 Opened 20 October 2022.
SF Cinema Nakhon Sawan 5 Central Nakhon Sawan Opened 31 January 2024.
SF Cinema Salaya 7 Central Salaya Opened August 2014.
SF Cinema Prachinburi 4 Robinson Lifestyle Prachinburi Opened December 2014.
SF Cinema Surin 5 Robinson Lifestyle Surin Opened December 2013.
SF Cinema Chachengsao 6 Robinson Lifestyle Chachengsao Opened September 2014.
SF Cinema Buriram 5 Robinson Lifestyle Buriram Opened July 2015.
SF Cinema Mae Sot 4 Robinson Lifestyle Mae Sot Opened December 2015.
SF Cinema Lopburi 5 Robinson Lifestyle Lopburi Opened December 2016.
SF Cinema Khon Kaen 8 Central Khon Kaen Opened December 2009.
SF Cinema Nakhon Ratchasima 8 Terminal 21 Korat Opened December 2016.

SF World Cinema

SF World Cinema is SF Group's flagship cinema location. It is located within CentralWorld in Bangkok. It caters to a top-end level of customers with services under the concept of "personalized touch" for every type of customers. Opened in January 2007 with a total of 15 screens and 4,121 seats, it is the flagship branch of the SF chain. The cinema is a venue for film premieres and festivals. Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre is adjacent. The cinema also houses a number of digital projectors. The cinema has re-opened in October 2010 after undergoing extreme renovation due to the 2010 Red Shirt Protest and the following mass arson causing the CentralWorld mall to be engulfed in flames.

Cinema Screens Seats Location Remarks
SF World Cinema 11 2915 CentralWorld, seventh floor
CAT First Class Cinemas 2 180 CentralWorld, eighth floor The First Class cinemas at SF World offers seating with motorized recline, pre-show buffet, cocktail reception, five-star service and unlimited popcorn and drinks in the cinema.
World Happiness Screen 1 126 CentralWorld, ninth floor The cinema is tastefully decorated in a vibrant color scheme to serve the needs of families. The cinema offers three types of seating ranging from day beds, lazy chairs and bean bags. Family films and animations are regularly played in this auditorium.
MasterCard Cinema 1 900 CentralWorld, ninth floor The World Max Screen is SF Group's largest theatre boasting over 900 seats. It is the third largest cinema in Thailand behind Siam Pavalai and Scala.

SFX Cinemas

SFX Cinemas is SF Group's premium brand of cinemas. The cinemas are tastefully decorated and offer a higher-end level of premium services and an array of latest technologies in cinema presentation such as First Class seating and Dolby three-way sound.

Cinema Screens Seats Location Remarks
SFX Central Chaengwattana 10 2450 Central Chaengwattana, sixth floor, Chaengwattana Road Opened in November 2008. The complex is slated to be Thailand's first all-digital cinema. The complex also houses one First Class Cinema, in the concept of "Exotica Cinema".
SFX Pattaya Beach 10 2922 Central Pattaya Beach, sixth floor, Pattaya Second Beach Road Opened in January 2009. The complex contains 8 Standard Cinemas along with one First Class Cinema and one Alfresco Cinema "The Porch".
SFX Central Ladprao 9 3000 Central Ladprao, sixth floor, Phahonyothin Road Opened in 2002 as the first in the SF Group's SFX "boutique" brand of cinemas. It has two "First Class" cinema and digital capability.
SFX Central Phuket 7 1890 Central Phuket (Festival) Opened in 2004.
SFX Central Rama 9 11 3670 Central Rama IX One of the six branches with Zigma Cinestadium, a dual-4K projection and Dolby Atmos theater. The other five are at CentralWorld, Central Lat Phrao, The Crystal Ekamai-Ramintra, The Mall Ngamwongwan and Maya Chiang Mai. [8]
SFX Maya Chiang Mai 10 Maya Chiang Mai Opened January 2019.
SFX Crystal Veranda 8 Crystal Veranda
SFX Nakhon Ratchasima 9 Central Korat Opened November 2017.
SFX Pattaya 2 7 Terminal 21 Pattaya Opened December 2018.
SFX Ngamwongwan 10 1934 The Mall Lifestore Ngamwongwan A former APEX/The Mall Multiplex theater prior to 2001 and SF Cinema theater brand.

Emprive Cineclub

Emprive Cineclub is SF Group's exclusive brand of cinemas. It is located within The Emporium, in Bangkok. It caters to a top-end level of customers with services under the concept of "exclusive cinema experience" for top-end type of customers. Opened in February 2015 with a total of 5 screens and 1,200 seats, it is the luxurious branch of the SF chain.

Cinema Screens Seats Location Remarks
Emprive Cineclub 5 1200 The Emporium, Sukhumvit 24, Khlong Toei In second major remodeling of the top floors of The Emporium shopping complex, this branch was converted into luxurious format and bundled with 2 Dolby Atmos theater and its screening by Sony Digital Cinema system. It's formerly a United Artists theater and a SFX Cinema theater.


Thana Cineplex is a chain of small cinemas based in Central and Northern Thailand.

Cinema Screens Seats Location Remarks
Thana Cineplex Ayutthaya 4 Tesco Lotus Ayutthaya
Thana Cineplex Chiang Kam 1 344 Chiang Kam, Phayao Province
Thana Cineplex Chiang Rai 2 701 BigC Chiang Rai
Thana Cineplex Kamphaeng Phet 1 175 Kamphaeng Phet
Thana Cineplex Kanchanaburi 2 1 Castle Mall, Kanchanaburi
Thana Cineplex Lampang 2 BigC, Lampang
Thana Cineplex Lopburi 2 BigC, Lopburi
Thana Cineplex Nakhon Pathom 4 BigC, Nakhon Pathom
Thana Cineplex Nakhon Sawan 1 360 Nakhon Sawan
Thana Cineplex Phetchaburi 2 Phetchaburi
Thana Cineplex Phichit 2 Phichit Province
Thana Cineplex Phitsanulok 4 BigC, Phitsanulok
Thana Cineplex Phayao 1 404 Phayao
Thana Cineplex Phrae 1 342 Phrae
Thana Cineplex Phrae (Mark Four) 1 Mark Four Department Store, Phrae
Thana Cineplex Ratchaburi 2 Royal Park Department Store, Ratchaburi
Thana Cineplex Samut Prakan 2 BigC Samut Prakan
Thana Cineplex Saraburi 2 Taweekij Department Store, Saraburi
Thana Cineplex Sing Buri 2 203 Sing Buri
Thana Cineplex Suphanburi 1 (O.K. Rama) 1 657 Suphanburi
Thana Cineplex Suphanburi 2 (Fah Siam) 1 602 Suphanburi
Thana Cineplex Uttaradit 1 500 Uttaradit


Vista is a cinema chain based in Chiang Mai.

Cinema Screens Seats Location Remarks
Vista Kadsuankeaw 7 Central Kadsuankeaw, Chiang Mai Has English-soundtrack movies. Vista 1-4 are older screens with only normal seating available. Vista 5-7 are newer screens comparable to Major Cineplex CentralPlaza Chiang Mai Airport. and Later improved to Major Cineplex Central Kadsuankeaw 6 Cinemas


Cinema Screens Seats Location Remarks
Alliance française 1 225 29 South Sathon Road, Sathon Holds regular screenings of French films and films from other countries with French subtitles. [9]
Bell Cinema City 3 Chaiyaphum
Century The Movie Plaza 8 Phayathai Road, Ratchathewi This multiplex anchoring a shopping mall opened in 2005. It is located near the Skytrain's Victory Monument station.

The 2nd branch, Century The Movie Plaza Sukhumvit, is located nearby BTS Onnut station with a skywalk connecting the mall and the station. [10]

Fairy Cineplex 4 Fairy Plaza, Khon Kaen Sometimes has English-soundtrack films.
Goethe-Institut 18/1 Soi Goethe, Sathon Soi 1, Sathon Regularly holds screenings of German films. [11]
House RCA 2 200 Royal City Avenue, Huai Khwang House is a boutique art film cinema on the third floor of the UMG RCA cinema in Bangkok. It opened in 2004. All films have English and Thai subtitles. The cinema has a café and a library lounge, where books and magazines about cinema can be browsed. House sometimes hosts special events and movie-preview parties. The ticket price for all seats is 100 baht.

House RCA closed on August 31, 2019 and later moved to Samyan Mitrtown.

House Samyan 3 361 Samyan Mitrtown, Samyan Moved from House RCA.

AIS Play House 3 has a 35mm film projector for special screenings and House 5 is a Dolby Digital cinema. Ticket prices for non-member is at 160 baht and 140 baht for members.

Japan Foundation 10th Floor, Sermmit Tower, 159 Sukhumvit Soi 21, Watthana Holds regular screenings of Japanese films, usually with Thai subtitles only. [12]
Bangkok Screening Room (BKKSR) 1 50 2nd Floor, Woof Pack building, Soi Sala Daeng 1 ( Rama IV Road side), Sala Daeng Holds regular screenings of classic, foreign, independent and documentary films with a high-end 2K projector and surround sound system. [13]
Kosa Cineplex 4 Khon Kaen
Prince 3 Khon Kaen
Five Stars Multiplex 6 Nakhon Ratchasima
Embassy Diplomat Screens 5 Chit Lom Located at Central Embassy. An all-sofa cineplex with premium service. Developed by AIS.
Sala Chalermkrung Royal Theatre 1 66 Charoen Krung Road, Wang Burapha Phirom, Phra Nakhon Sala Chalermkrung is Bangkok's oldest cinema and was the first air-conditioned theater in Thailand. Built on the order of King Prajadhipok and named by him, it was opened on July 2, 1933. It is the only theater from the first "golden age" of Thai cinema still standing. No longer regularly showing movies, the theater has been renovated and is principally used for Thai dance performances.

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