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Former and current railway stations in Paris

Below is a list of railway stations in Paris, France, current and historical.

Active stations

Major lines

Major line railway stations of Paris.
Railway stations and the respective areas they serve on departure from Paris.

These stations are the terminal stations of major lines (trains going beyond the Île-de-France region), and, except for Bercy, the suburban Transilien lines. Austerlitz, Saint-Lazare, Lyon and Nord are also stations on the RER network. All stations connect to stations of the Paris Métro.

Suburban lines

RER stations

The stations of major lines (the preceding section) which are also stations of the RER are not included. These stations are used only by the RER lines designated.

Transilien stations

Stations no longer used

Chemin de fer de Petite Ceinture

The Chemin de fer de Petite Ceinture is a line which circled Paris which is no longer in use. The majority of the stations on this line have been abandoned, though some have been reused.

From the west clockwise, the stations are:

Former Ouest company "Paris à Auteuil" line

Former rail-company syndicate "Chemin de fer de Ceinture (Rive Droite)"

  • Avenue de Clichy (now used by RER C)
  • Avenue de Saint-Ouen
  • Boulevard Ornano
  • La Chapelle-Saint-Denis
  • L’Évangile (formerly Gare de la Chapelle), disused classification yard
  • Ménilmontant
  • Pont de Flandres
  • Belleville-Villette, also freight station
  • Charonne, also freight station
  • Rue d'Avron
  • Avenue de Vincennes
  • Bel-Air Ceinture
  • Rue Claude Decaen
  • Bercy-Ceinture
  • La Rapée-Bercy, disused classification yard
  • Orléans-Ceinture

Former Ouest company "Chemin de fer de Ceinture (Rive Gauche)"

  • Maison Blanche
  • Parc de Montsouris
  • Montrouge
  • Ouest ceinture
  • Abattoirs de Vaugirard, specially for livestock
  • Vaugirard Ceinture
  • Point-du-Jour

Other stations

Abandoned or destroyed stations

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