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This is a list of notable people either born in, from or connected to Long Island.


Born on Long Island
Angelo, Richard 20 August 1962 West Islip, New York serial killer
Apatow, Judd 6 December 1967 Flushing, New York movie producer
Armas, Chris 27 August 1972 The Bronx, New York soccer player
Baldwin, Alexander R 3 April 1953 Massapequa, New York actor
Baldwin, Daniel L 5 October 1960 Massapequa, New York actor
Baldwin, Stephen A 12 May 1966 Massapequa, New York actor
Baldwin, William J 21 February 1963 Massapequa, New York actor
Bellion, Jonathan D 26 December 1990 Lake Grove, New York singer, songwriter, record producer, rapper
Bennett, Matthew H 13 November 1991 Massapequa, New York actor, singer, screenwriter
Biggio, Craig A 14 December 1965 Smithtown, New York baseball player
Bird, Suzanne B 16 October 1980 Syosset, New York basketball player
Brown, Brendan B 11 October 1973 Northport, New York singer, songwriter
Budnik, Dan 20 May 1933 Mineola, New York photographer
Carey, Mariah 27 March 1969 Huntington, New York singer, songwriter
Colvin, Marie C 12 January 1956 Oyster Bay, New York 22 February 2012 Homs, Syria journalist
Cumia, Anthony 26 April 1961 Elwood, New York radio personality
Douglas, Ashanti S 13 October 1980 Glen Cove, New York entertainer
Fox, Adam 17 February 1998 Jericho, New York ice hockey player
Irvine, Christopher K 9 November 1970 Manhasset, New York actor, musician, wrestler
Lacey, Jesse T 10 July 1978 Levittown, New York musician
Levins, Andre 29 August 1981 Hempstead, New York rapper
Lohan, Lindsay M 2 July 1986 The Bronx, New York actress
O'Connor, Meredith 12 July 1996 Huntington, New York musician
Sarantakos, Christopher N 19 December 1967 Hempstead, New York illusionist
Sarantis, Kalomira 31 January 1985 West Hempstead, New York singer and musician
Stern, Howard A 12 January 1954 Jackson Heights, Queens, New York radio personality
Whitman, Margaret C 4 August 1956 Cold Spring Harbor, New York business executive
Wunderman, Leslie 7 March 1962 Baldwin, New York actress, singer
Wolosoff, Bruce 27 March 1955 Manhattan, New York composer
Raised on Long Island (but not born on Long Island)
Name Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death Occupation
Adkins, Derrick R 2 July 1970 Brooklyn, New York track athlete
Foley, Michael F 7 June 1965 Bloomington, Indiana wrestler
Foster, Susan H Queens, New York jewelry designer
Freiberger, Bill 17 January 1962 Brooklyn, New York television writer
Kelly, Moira 6 March 1968 Queens, New York actress
Kovic, Ron 4 July 1946 Ladysmith, Wisconsin activist
pH-1 (Harry Park) 23 July 1989 South Korea rapper
Seinfeld, Jerry 29 April 1954 Brooklyn, New York comedian
Moved to Long Island as an adult (neither born nor raised on Long Island)
Name Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death Occupation
Barré, Raoul 29 January 1874 Montréal, Québec, Canada 21 May 1932 Montréal, Québec, Canada animator, artist, cartoonist
Georgievna, Xenia 22 August 1903 Mikhailovskoe, Russian Empire 17 September 1965 Glen Cove, New York Princess of Russia
Lloyd, Christopher C 30 April 1982 New Carrollton, Maryland rapper
Roosevelt, Theodore 27 October 1858 Flatiron District, New York 6 January 1919 Oyster Bay, New York 26th President of the United States
Senerchia, Peter 11 October 1967 Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York wrestler
Serry Sr., John 29 January 1915 Brooklyn, New York 14 September 2003 Valley Stream, New York musician, composer
Stuart-Houston, William P 12 March 1911 Liverpool, United Kingdom 14 July 1987 Patchogue, New York nephew of Adolf Hitler

Born on Long Island

Raised on Long Island (but not born on Long Island)

Moved to Long Island as an adult (neither born nor raised on Long Island)

Connected to Long Island