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The Hare Krishna temple in the Krishna valley

Krishna valley or New Vraja Dhama is the largest eco-friendly farm in Europe with an area of 660 acres. [1] It is situated in Somogyvámos, a village 180 km south-west of Budapest. [2] It was built by ISKCON Hungary.

It was established by Sivarama Swami in 1993. [3] Those who live at Krishna Valley source all their food from their organic farm. They have cattle for dairy products and bees for honey. [4]

The flora and fauna of the Krishna Valley is a special mixture of exotic and native species. Flowers like Frangipáni ( Plumeria) which is not native in Hungary is also planted here. [5]


Radha-Shyamasundara temple at Krishna valley

There are about 200 Krishna believers living in Krishna valley. [2] There is a Radha- Shyamasundara temple on Krishna valley, [1] which is also a major tourist attraction. [6]

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