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Janis may refer to:

As a first name

Fictional characters

  • Janis Gold, a fictional character on 24
  • Janis Day, one of the two main characters in the comic strip Arlo and Janis
  • Janis Hawk, a main character in the TV series FlashForward
  • Janis Ian, a character in the film Mean Girls
  • Janis (ジャニス, "Janisu"), main character of Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel]]

As a surname

  • Byron Janis (born 1928), American concert pianist (no relation to Conrad Janis)
  • Conrad Janis (born 1928), American actor and jazz musician (no relation to Byron Janis)
  • Dorothy Janis (1912 –2010), American silent film actress
  • Elsie Janis (1889–1956), American musical theatre and vaudeville performer
  • Irving Janis, a social psychologist who pioneered the groupthink theory
  • Jaroslav Janiš, Czech auto racing driver
  • Linzie Janis, an American television journalist
  • Sidney Janis, (1896–1989), American art dealer, collector, and writer
  • Vivi Janiss (1911–1988), American actress

Other uses

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