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Hans Bocksberger der Ältere, Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor, Kunsthistorisches Museum
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Hans Bocksberger der Ältere (1510–1561), also known as Hans Bocksberger the Elder, was an Austrian painter and woodcutter of the high Renaissance.


Hans Bocksberger was born in Mondsee, the son of Ulrich and Anna Bocksberger. The work of his father Ulrich Bocksberger is largely unknown. Hans may have initially studied with his father, then later traveled to Italy where he picked up styles he would later incorporate into his own work. Hans married his wife Margaret in 1542. They had nine children together: sons Hans Bocksberger the Younger and D. J. Heinrich were both painters, in addition to Anna, George, Sabine, Catharina, Elisabeth, Margarethe, Lucia. Hans died in Salzburg in 1561. His wife Margaret died in 1579.


Works attributed to Hans Bocksberger, but where there are some questions to authorship:


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