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Grzegorz Knapski
Born1561  Edit this on Wikidata
Gmina Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth
Died10 November 1639  Edit this on Wikidata (aged 77–78)
Kraków, Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth
Occupation Playwright, poet, Catholic priest, folklorist, scribe  Edit this on Wikidata

Grzegorz Knapski (Knapiusz, Cnapius; 1561–1639) was a Polish Jesuit, teacher, philologist, lexicographer and writer.


His most important work is the Thesaurus Polono-Latino-Graecus. First published in 1621 in Kraków, second edition in 1643 also in Kraków, it became a standard reference work in Polish schools and universities until the 18th century.

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