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Released21 November 2000
Genre Rock
Producer Jeff Lynne, Al Quaglieri, Jeff Magid
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Flashback is the second box set compilation by Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), released in November 2000 in the US and the following month in the UK.


In 2000, Jeff Lynne found a new impetus to work on the music of his old band and returned to the recording studio to work on an ELO project for the first time in some 15 years just prior to the comeback album Zoom in 2001. This work resulted in a digitally remastered compilation released in late 2000. Unlike its predecessors, this project, Flashback, was personally approved and endorsed by Lynne. The set includes songs featured from all 11 studio albums up to that point, including an edit of " Great Balls of Fire" from their live album The Night the Light Went On in Long Beach, plus some new recordings amongst the band's extensive back catalogue, most notably a reworking of Lynne's only UK number one hit " Xanadu". The album includes a booklet inside, plus liner notes by David Wild with quotes on each song from Lynne.

Track listing

All tracks written by Jeff Lynne, except where noted. Tracks marked (*) co-produced by Roy Wood.

CD 1

No.TitleWriter(s)Original albumLength
1." 10538 Overture *"  The Electric Light Orchestra/No Answer, 1971 (UK)/1972 (US)5:32
2." Showdown"  On the Third Day (US), 1973; Showdown, 19744:12
3." Ma-Ma-Ma Belle" On the Third Day3:55
4." Mr. Radio *" The Electric Light Orchestra/No Answer5:04
5." Roll Over Beethoven" Chuck Berry ELO 2, 19737:48
6."Mama" (New edit) ELO 24:06
7." One Summer Dream" ( Single version)  Face the Music, 19755:21
8." Illusions in G Major"  Eldorado, 19742:41
9." Strange Magic" Face the Music4:29
10." Eldorado Overture" Eldorado2:12
11." Can't Get It Out of My Head" Eldorado4:24
12." Eldorado" Eldorado5:18
13." Eldorado Finale" Eldorado1:29
14." Do Ya" (Unedited alternative mix) Previously unreleased; Originally from A New World Record, 19764:09
15." Mister Kingdom" Eldorado5:08
16." Grieg's Piano Concerto in A Minor" Edvard GriegPreviously unreleased, 2000 (recorded 1982)2:58

CD 2

No.TitleOriginal albumLength
1." Tightrope"A New World Record5:23
2." Evil Woman"Face the Music4:19
3." Livin' Thing"A New World Record3:33
4." Mr. Blue Sky" Out of the Blue, 19775:07
5."Mission (A World Record)" (Alternative mix)Previously unreleased; originally from A New World Record4:31
6." Turn to Stone"Out of the Blue3:48
7." Telephone Line"A New World Record4:45
8." Rockaria!"A New World Record3:15
9."Starlight"Out of the Blue4:45
10." It's Over"Out of the Blue3:55
11."The Whale"Out of the Blue5:07
12." Sweet Talkin' Woman"Out of the Blue3:49
13."Big Wheels"Out of the Blue5:32
14."Shangri-La"A New World Record5:36
15." Nightrider"Face the Music4:24
16."Tears in Your Life"Previously unreleased (recorded 1982)3:05

CD 3

No.TitleWriter(s)Original albumLength
1." Don't Bring Me Down"  Discovery, 19794:04
2." The Diary of Horace Wimp" Discovery4:17
3." Twilight"  Time, 19813:43
4." Secret Messages"  Secret Messages, 19834:38
5."Take Me On and On" Secret Messages4:58
6." Shine a Little Love" Discovery4:11
7." Rock 'n' Roll Is King" Secret Messages3:15
8." Last Train to London" Discovery4:31
9." Confusion" Discovery3:40
10." Getting to the Point"  Balance of Power, 19864:51
11." Hold on Tight" Time3:07
12." So Serious" Balance of Power2:43
13." Calling America" Balance of Power3:26
14." Four Little Diamonds" Secret Messages4:06
15." Great Balls of Fire" (Live) Otis Blackwell, Jack Hammer The Night the Light Went On in Long Beach, 19743:06
16." Xanadu" (New version) Previously unreleased; originally from the Xanadu soundtrack, 19803:21
17."Indian Queen" ( Demo) Previously unreleased (recorded 1973)0:57
18."Love Changes All" Previously unreleased (recorded 1980)3:28
19."After All" Previously unreleased on CD; originally B-side to "Rock 'n' Roll Is King" single, 19832:24
20."Helpless" Previously unreleased (recorded 1982)3:19
21."Who's That?" Previously unreleased (recorded 1982)1:26


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