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The Encyclopedia of Homosexuality (1990) was edited by Wayne R. Dynes, with the assistance of associate editors William A. Percy, Warren Johansson, and Stephen Donaldson. It was published in two volumes by Garland Press in 1990. The Encyclopedia contains 770 articles. It was reviewed positively in Reference & User Services Quarterly [1] and, at length, in the Journal of Homosexuality.[ citation needed] It was listed on several "Best Books of the Year" lists. [2]

In 1995 the Encyclopedia was withdrawn by Garland, following accusations in the Chronicle of Higher Education that the editor, Dynes, had published articles under the pseudonym Evelyn Gettone. [3] Dynes admitted that he had done so and apologized. [4] Dynes subsequently said that this was due to "a pressure group of leftist and feminist activists who viewed the Encyclopedia as lacking in political correctness". [5]

Shortly after its publication, work on an abbreviated edition of the Encyclopedia began, coordinated by Stephen Donaldson, and including new and revised articles. Because of Garland's withdrawal of the Encyclopedia, this concise version was never published.[ citation needed]


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