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Dubai Police Force
شرطة دبي
Emblem of the Dubai Police Force
(January 2018 — present)
Common nameDubai Police
Agency overview
Formed1 June 1956; 68 years ago (1 June 1956)
Employees30,000+ [1] [2]
Legal personality Police force
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdiction Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Map of Dubai Police's jurisdiction
Size4,114 km2 (1,588 sq mi)
Governing body Government of Dubai
General nature
Operational structure
Headquarters Al Twar, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Sworn members17,500+
Agency executives

The Dubai Police Force ( Arabic: شرطة دبي), commonly referred to as Dubai Police, is the police force of the Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Dubai Police Force has 30,000 employees [1] [2] who are responsible for policing an area of 4,114 square kilometres and a population of over 3 million people. [3] They come under the jurisdiction of the Ruler of Dubai. [4]

The force is currently led by Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, whose formal title is the Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police; he succeeded Khamis Mattar Al Mezaina in the year 2017. [5] [6]

Dhahi Khalfan Tamim served as the Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police until his new (and current role) in 2013 as the Deputy Chief of Police and General Security. [7]

One of the main reasons for the low crime rate in Dubai is the strict law enforcement policies. The Dubai Police Department has a reputation for being one of the most efficient and well-equipped police force in the world. [8] [9]

Dubai Police recorded an average emergency response time of 2 minutes and 24 seconds in the third quarter of 2023. [10]


Founded on 1 June 1956, the Dubai Police Force started in Naif (a locality in the Deira side of Dubai) with only 29 members, with the first police station being known as 'Naif Fort'. [11] The size of the force increased gradually, to 105 in 1960 and to 430 by 1967. In 1973, the force moved its headquarters to their current location of Al-Twar, on Al-Etihad Street in Dubai. [12]

The Dubai Police Force strives to be 'most progressive' of all Arabic police forces [13] and aims for high education standards amongst its personnel. The force was the first to use many new law enforcement techniques, including electronic fingerprinting and DNA testing. The force was also the first to use GPS systems to locate stolen vehicles. [14] [15]

The force had announced that it planned to deploy its first robot police officer in May 2017, and that their ambition is to have 25 percent of the force consist of robotic officers by 2030, as well as to operate a "smart" police station that "won't require human employees". [16] [17] The force was also the first to create a human rights department, as well as the first to employ a community policing programme. [13]

The police force closely cooperates with the civil defence and ambulance personnel. [18] [19] [20]

After many years, the logo/emblem of the police force was modified in January 2018. [21]

In 2023, the United Arab Emirates’ first ever all-female SWAT team competed in the SWAT World Challenge for the Dubai Police. The team, endorsed by first lieutenant Yasser al Zarouni, is made up of “ jiujitsu champions and keen-eyed sharpshooters” such as lieutenant Latifa al-Salman and sergeant Sheikha Ali Abdullah, as well as nine additional members. [22] [23] [24]

Dubai Police Commanders in Chief

Name of the Commander in Chief Year of Service
Peter H.Clayton 1956-1958
Peter George Lorimer 1958-1965
Jack Briggs 1965-1975
Abdullah Belhoul 1975-1980
Dhahi Khalfan Tamim 1980-2013
Khamis Mattar Al Mezaina 2013-2016
Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri [25] 2017–Present


The Dubai Police Force operates under a general commander and his deputy, who in turn work under the police chief and his own deputy. The general commander forms part of an organisational office which, with a decision making support centre, organises fifteen separate departments:

General Department of Operations

This is the heart of the Dubai Police Force. Round the clock telephone lines help to electronically control all patrols from this department, with 2,000 land lines and 178 fax machines, [26] and utilising wireless equipment to locate both car and foot patrols. The department also coordinates all emergency responses as well as search and rescue operations on land and sea.

General Department of Artificial Intelligence

This department is another integral part of the police force, as well as being the most recent department to be created. It was established in 2001 as part of the aims of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, to form a totally electronic government. In 2008, 30% of UAE national are assigned to the work in the E-services Department to fulfill their duty. In 2014, Director-General Khalid Nasser Alrazooqi introduced Google Glass to the police force to issue fines and identify wanted cars. [27] In 2018, the department was renamed to correspond to the new government direction towards artificial intelligence.

General Department of Criminal Investigation

This the primary crime fighting department of the Dubai Police, its objectives are laid out by as follows:

1. Dealing with petty crime (quarrels, swearing, defamation, etc.).
2. Dealing with offences against the person, such as murder, rape, armed robbery, kidnapping, etc.
3. Dealing with organised crime (drug trafficking, money laundering, internationally wanted criminals etc.).
4. Social services, such as lost property, things found, certificates of good conduct, licences of all kinds etc.
5. Employing scientific evidence (such as Forensic Medicine, fingerprints, documents, arsons, chemical analysis, firearms etc.).
6. Employing identity recognition means (such as fingerprints, the DNA, criminal records etc.).
7. Crime prevention methods (such guidance, directives, follow-up, statistical projections, periodicals etc.).
8. Contains the Dubai section of the International Criminal Police ( Interpol).

General Department of Forensic Science and Criminology

The criminal laboratory opened for the Dubai Police in 1982. At that time, it was affiliated with the General Department of Criminal Investigations. Given the increase and expansion of the scope of work in the field of forensic evidence and the multiplying of criminal work departments, in 2000 AD, the laboratory was renamed the General Administration of Forensic Evidence.

On April 14, 2007, the name of the General Administration of Criminal Evidence and Criminology was changed because it also was using science to investigate crime in addition to its administrative tasks. [28] This science studies criminal phenomena and their causes as related to the person or the environment surrounding him or her in order to determine the motives leading to crime and to combat it and limit its spread. Forensic science employs several disciplines, including psychology and sociology.

On March 30, 2016, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect and preserve him, opened the new General Department of Criminal Evidence and Criminology. His Highness said, “The General Command of Dubai Police has become all its centers and its departments are a beacon of science, learning, training, and the application of international educational curricula and programs specialized in police, security and legal sciences." His Highness affirmed that the General Command of the Dubai Police in cooperation and coordination with police leaders in the state and the Ministry of Interior will continue to watch over the security and stability of Dubai's society.

The Department consists of nine sub departments:

  • Digital Forensics Department
  • Specialized Forensic Evidence Department
  • Crime Scene Department
  • Fingerprint Department
  • Forensic Medicine Department
  • Training and Development Department
  • Administrative Affairs Department
  • Technical Affairs Department

Organizational structure

Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police

Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police

  • Headquarter Regulatory Office
  • Police Judiciary Council
  • Resilience Center
  • Internal Audit Office
  • Esaad Card Center
  • Governance and Compliance

Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Community Happiness and Logistic Support Affairs

  • Protocol Department
  • Institutional Development Office
  • General Department of Community Happiness
  • General Department of Logistic Support

Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Ports Affairs

  • Institutional Development Office
  • General Department of Airports Security
  • Ports Police Station
  • Dubai Police Air Wing

Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Academic affairs and training

  • Hemaya Schools Office
  • Institutional Development Office
  • Dubai Police Academy
  • General Department of Training

Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Excellence and Pioneering Affairs

  • Institutional Development Office
  • General Department of Excellence and Pioneering
  • General Department of Human Rights in Dubai Police
  • Future Foresight And Decision Support Center

Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Operations

  • Institutional Development Office
  • General Department of Traffic
  • General Department of Operations
  • General Department of Organization Protective Security and Emergency
  • General Department of Transport and Rescue

Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Administration affairs

  • Dubai Police Health Center
  • Institutional Development Office
  • Center for Quality of life
  • Financial Control Department
  • General Department of Administrative Affairs
  • General Department of Human Resources
  • General Department of Artificial Intelligence
  • General Department of Finance

Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Criminal Investigation

  • Institutional Development Office
  • Oyoon Center
  • General Department of Forensic Science and Criminology
  • General Department of Anti-Narcotics
  • General Department of Punitive and Correctional Establishments
  • General Department of Criminal Investigations (CID)
    • Institutional Development Office (Police Stations)
      • Bur Dubai Police station
      • Al Muraghabat Police Station
      • Nad Al Sheba Police Station
      • Al Rifaa Police Station
      • Jebel Ali Police Station
      • Hata Police Station
      • Al Qusais Police Station
      • Al Rashidyia Police Station
      • Al Barsha Police Station
      • Naif Police Station
      • Al Khawaneej Police Station
      • Dubai Mounted Police
      • Criminal Information Department

Police stations

There are currently twelve Dubai police stations in the city.

  • Al-Rifaa
    • This station was established in the 1970s to secure the Bur Dubai region. It has been reopened in different premises on two occasions, 1979 and 1992.
  • Al-Muraqqabat
    • This station was established in 1974.
  • Al-Rashidiyah
    • Al-Rashidiyah was created in 1976 as part of Al-Muraqqabat, however it became an independent station in 1984, and was moved to newer premises in 2000.
  • Naif
    • The original headquarters of the Dubai Police force, Naif Fort was constructed in 1929, and was used as a prison until the founding of the force in 1956.
  • Al-Qusais
    • Al-Qusais was founded in 1977 and moved to new premises in 1999.
  • Hatta
    • This station was established in 1974, and also moved to new premises, this time in 1976.
  • Nad Al-Sheba
    • This station opened in 1994 in Zabeel, though subsequently moved.
  • Jebel Ali
    • This station was built in 1971, and renovated in 2000.
  • Ports
    • Ports police station was also built in 1971, and watches over the Rashid Port.
  • Bur Dubai
    • This station was founded in 1979.
  • Al-Barsha
    • This new station opened in 2014 and covers the new developments in Al-Barsha and the surrounding locales.
  • Al-Khawaneej
    • This new station opened in 2022 and covers the new developments in Al-Khawaneej and the surrounding areas, the stations is considered to be a smart police station and is one of the different branches of the smart police stations located around in Dubai.


Dubai Police provides a variety of services to the public of which some main services are:

File Criminal Complaint

This service allows customers to report cases of different offenses (such as: breach of trust, insulting, insult via mobile, threat, hassle, assault) and people whom benefit from this service are people who are affected by crime. [29]


This Self-Service allows the public to record a complaint regarding cybercrimes, whether for their persons or for their properties. This service is specific to crimes happened within the geographical scope of Dubai city and people who benefit from this service are people who are affected by ecrimes. [30] [31]

Tourist Police

This Service allows customers to submit a communication or complaint to the Tourist Police Department , using Dubai Police Website, in person, using email, or calling toll-free telephone number (901). They may also follow up on the complaint and to resolve it by providing advice and to respond to security queries. [32] [33]

Criminal Status of Financial Cases

This service allows the public to inquire about their criminal cases in financial cases registered in Dubai Police Stations only, in addition to travel ban. [34] [35]

Fines Inquiry and Payment

This service allows the public to inquire and pay traffic fines [36] registered under their vehicle or driving license and people who benefit from this service are individuals and organizations. [37]

Lost Item Certificate

This service enables customers to obtain a lost item certificate [38] in relevance to documents, official and non-official certificates, lost vehicle plate numbers, money, goods, and other similar items that are of importance to the customers. [39]

Police Clearance Certificate

This service enables community members to obtain a certificate from the police proving their good conduct [40] in the United Arab Emirates- from a security and criminal point of view, in order to present it to official authorities that request this type of certificate; for work, study, immigration, obtaining a license, or any such matters. [41]

Home Security

This service allows villa residents to utilize patrols [42] available in neighborhoods, to monitor their homes while they are outside the country. [43]

On the Go Service

"On the go" service was introduced in 2015 by Dubai Police General Command in association with the ENOC Group with the goal of swiftly reporting minor traffic incidents. With more than 250 trained workers working in 22 gas stations throughout Dubai, the service is offered.

The service will assist city drivers in filing straightforward accident reports in the event of collisions, and more recently it has expanded the provision of services for filing unidentified accident reports. [44]

Uniform, equipment, and vehicles

Dubai Police officers on horseback

The standard uniform of a Dubai police officer is an olive green shirt with a red band running under the left arm and looped through the left epaulette, a dark green beret with a golden badge depicting the police force's seal, olive green trousers, and black boots. Female officers are required to wear a hijab.

Alternatively, officers wear a light brown shirt and trousers, though the rest of the uniform remains the same. High-ranking officers wear a combination cap and rank badges on the collar, together with their light brown uniform.

Officers carry semi-automatic handguns such as the Caracal and SIG Sauer pistols. Their special emergency unit uses a varied arsenal of weapons such as the MP5 submachine gun, Glock 17 pistols, Ithaca 37 shotguns, M4 and M16 variants, X26 tasers, flash grenades, and other weapons depending on the situation.

Dubai Police Nissan Xterra

Dubai Police Force vehicles are painted with a white and dark green colour scheme, with blue emergency lights. Every Dubai police vehicle has the force's website and email addresses printed on it.

The police force uses Dodge Chargers, [45] Nissan Pathfinders, and Toyota Land Cruisers. [46] Other non-exotic police vehicles such as Toyota Prados, [47] [48] Fortuners, [49] and Chevrolet Luminas [50] have also been pictured. The police force also operates a fleet of BMW 5 Series E60 cars. [51] In terms of SUVs, they have a Brabus-tuned G-Wagen (known as the G700; [52] revealed at the 2013 Dubai Motor Show [53]), as well as at least one normal Mercedes one. [54] The pickup trucks in the fleet of vehicles come with winches to easily tow or rescue other vehicles or objects. [55]

In 2013, the force fielded new eco-friendly patrol cars. [56] In addition to cars, the force also employs motorcycles, helicopters, and boats.

Exotic vehicles

The Dubai Police Force operates a variety of performance cars, luxury cars, supercars, and concept cars for policing. The rarity and cost of the vehicles, as well as their unusual role in policing, tend to attract the interest of foreigners. However, the belief that they are standard patrol cars or used in pursuits is false—the exotic cars are only used for traffic enforcement in tourist areas, and policing in the rest of the city, including responses to emergencies and pursuits, is conducted by regular patrol units in cheaper patrol cars. [57] [58]

Guinness world records awarded Dubai police force for having the world’s fastest car, a Bugatti Veyron in service operation. It has a top speed of 253 mph(407 km/hr). It also has a 16 cylinder engine with capability to generate 1000 horsepower. Acceleration from 0 to 60mph takes two and a half seconds. The previous record holder belonged to the Italian police force, the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4. [57]

Among Dubai's fleet of police cars are:

A Dubai Police Bugatti Veyron and Ferrari FF


Dubai Police W Motors Ghiath— [93] 10 have been delivered, out of an order of 400. [94]

The exotic car collection of the Dubai Police began in 2013, with the introduction of a Lamborghini Aventador. [46]

Ken Block visited Dubai in 2016 and was pictured doing donuts in his Ford Fiesta, surrounded by a ring of vehicles from Dubai's supercar fleet. [95]

In 2019, the force teased an image of a Tesla Cybertruck in Dubai Police livery, and confirmed that they would be ordering one for police service. [96] [97] Though touted as the first electric car to be added to Dubai Police's fleet of vehicles, the Hongqi E-HS9, a model which was added to the fleet in 2022, [98] was not actually the first to serve on the fleet, as the force has used BMW i3s since 2017. In 2023, the force took delivery of 100 Audi RS e-tron GTs. [99] The force already owned multiple Audi R8 (Type 4S) cars. [100] The W Motors Ghiath has been in production since at least 2018. [101] The SUV is based on a Tahoe, [102] and comes with an integrated drone featuring thermal imaging. [103]

100 Mitsubishi Pajeros were donated to the police force in 2022. [104]

Some sources attest that the Dubai Police Force have hypercars such as W Motors Lykan HyperSports or LaFerraris in their fleet, [105] [106] but they do not; the Abu Dhabi Police Force does have a Lykan instead, [107] and the LaFerrari of the force is merely a render. [108] The Koenigsegg One:1 has also been rendered in Dubai Police livery. [109] [110]

Dubai Police's hoverbike crashed in 2020. [111]


The Dubai Police Academy offers several degrees, such as License in Law and Police sciences, Masters in law (with several concentrations), and Doctoral degree in law. [112]


The Dubai Police Museum, located at Al-Mulla Plaza, opened on 19 November 1987. It comprises three exhibit halls, as well as documenting anti-drug efforts of the police force, and the force's prison systems. On 19 November 1987, the International Council of Museums placed the museum on the record of Arab Museums. [113]

Cycling team

Dubai Police Cycling Team training
Dubai Police Women Cycling Team

The Dubai Police Cycling Team was established in April 1977 by the decision of Colonel Abdullah Khalfan Belhoul, former Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, who ordered the formation of the cycling team to participate in races being held by the Sports Police Federation. Two teams of 'local amateurs' and 'professional women' were created for team members to participate in local and international races. The team uses professional bicycles dedicated to the sport and the team is supported by the Italian company Colnago, which specializes in the manufacturing of bicycles and their supplies. [114]

These participations aim to spread the culture of the sport, establish the principles of fair competition and guide members of society towards exercise to promote the concept of 'the positive spirit'.

General statistics

Team stats
International female participants 2
International male participants 2
Amateur male players 10
Local and international participation in races 126
Awards 183

Local and international participation

Team participation
Country Number of races
United Arab Emirates 109
Belgium 6
Kazakhstan 3
Turkey 4
Ukraine 2
Czech Republic 1
Japan 1

Community service medal

Lieutenant-General His Highness Sheikh Saif bin Zayed, deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior has awarded the Community Service Medal for the Dubai Police Cycling Team, after achieving first place at the level of teams and individuals.

The team had achieved a number of advanced positions for the men's and women's categories in the second 50-year Emirati amateur race - men, and the 50-year elite race - women, as part of the sixth edition of the Salam Championship. [115]

Al Wathba Cycling Race

At Abu Dhabi Sports Council's Al Wathba cycling race the team dominated various categories in the race that took place on 23 October 2020. [116]

UAE Cycling Federation race

The Team dominated the first three spots in the race in the armatures category for female residents, the race that was for 50 kilometers and organized in Umm Al Quwain in April 2021. [117]

Returning to sports race

In a race which was organized by Dubai Sports Council Dubai Police cyclists earned the top spots in the race after Yaser Al Baloushi wons the first and Omar Darwish won the second. [118]

Daman Cycling Challenge

In February 2021 Dubai Police Women Cycling team dominated the Daman Cycling Challenge after winning the top 8 spots in the race. [119]

Dubai Smart Police Stations

Smart Police Stations (SPS) are a series of new self-service centers offering smart police services across Dubai. The service enables customers to apply digitally for many services, such as criminal, traffic, certification and others, without a traditional visit to the police station. [120]

Dubai Police Smart Police Station


The stations are located in new areas and property developments. The stations allow customers skip queues and complete transactions digitally, and with no human contact. The force aims to increase its use of artificial intelligence and reduce police stations visits by 80 percent. [121]

In September 2023, the Dubai Police Force partnered with the Serbian government to introduce a Smart Police Station in Serbia. [122]


There are 22 SPS stations and they operate 24 hours a day and operate daily, including on weekends and holidays. The stations provide services in six languages, [123] and they provide services in the following categories:

  • Criminal Services: Customers are able to register for a request for victim support, reporting a bounce cheque, filing a labor complaint, getting aid from the police eye, filing criminal complaints, request for home security, inquire about police reports and report human trafficking.
  • Traffic Services: The SPS offers the services of reissuing a traffic accident report, applying for a traffic status certificate, applying for changing a vehicle color and to pay fines online.
  • Certificates and Permits: The customers can apply for lost item certificates, good conduct certificates, corpse entry permits, night work permits, road closure permits, clearance certificates and To Whom It May Concern certificates.
  • Community Services: For the community, the SPS allows customers to apply for tourist security services, events security requests, request for leaders at your service, job vacancies, heart patient services, delivery of found items and the search for lost items. [124]

Smart Police Stations Locations

Al Khawaneej Police Station

There are currently many smart police stations located all around Dubai:

World Police Summit

The World Police Summit is an annual event held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. [138] The summit includes over 230 speakers from 150 participating countries and more than 150 sessions. [139]

Hosted by Dubai Police The World Police Summit was formed in 2022. The concept of collaboration and innovation are key to improving public safety and reducing crime. The conference covers a wide range of topics, including crime prevention, cybersecurity, community policing, traffic safety, forensics science, drug trafficking, and the use of force. [140]

Traffic Enforcement and Penalties

Dubai Police is responsible for enforcing traffic regulations including traffic penalties within the emirate of Dubai. In July 2023, amendments were introduced to the traffic law through Decree No. 30 of 2023. The decree, issued by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE brought significant changes to penalties for various traffic violations, including the impoundment of vehicles. [141]

Under the provisions of this decree, the Dubai Police are authorized to impound vehicles under specific circumstances. For offenses including unauthorized road races, reckless driving, and driving under the age of 18, Dubai Police may seize vehicles and issue fines ranging from Dh10,000 to Dh100,000 depending on the nature of the traffic offense. Additionally, repeat impoundments within a year double the impoundment period, up to 90 days, with a maximum release fee of Dh200,000. [142] [143]

Adoption of technology

Dubai Police entered into a use-based partnership with Cardano at the World Police Summit in Dubai in 2024. The police adopted blockchain technology to securely share data from criminal investigations.

The Dubai police department started the implementation of virtual autopsies, called virtopsy, using scanning and imaging technology by the Dubai Police, facilitated by artificial intelligence (AI). [144]

Notable initiatives

Hemaya Schools

In 2018, the Dubai Police established the Hemaya Schools to provide education for the children of police personnel and civilians, incorporating disability-friendly provisions. [145] [146] In the same year, the inaugural school in Al Karama with a capacity for 1,400 primary and preparatory students, was opened for enrolment. [145] Dubai Police staff are permitted to register up to two children without incurring tuition charges. [145] [146] The school's operations are under the administration of both the Knowledge and Human Development Authority and the Ministry of Education in Dubai. [145] [147]

Dubai Police Volunteering Platform

Dubai Police developed the Dubai Police Volunteering Platform as a community outreach program to encourage safety, security, and social well-being. The platform gives people and organizations the chance to contribute their time, talents, and resources in support of the goal of the Dubai Police, which is to improve public safety and security. [148]

Volunteers can take part in a variety of activities through the Dubai Police Volunteering Platform, including:

• Offering assistance during significant events and emergencies

• Participating in crime prevention initiatives.

• Assisting with community outreach and awareness campaigns.

• Providing translation services for locals and visitors who don't speak Arabic.

The projects and activities that volunteers want to participate in the community can also be suggested by them.

Individuals and organizations have to register on the platform's website, go through the requisite training, and pass background checks before they can join in the Dubai Police Volunteering Platform.

Volunteers participation during the COVID-19 Pandemic [149] [150] [151]

By enlisting volunteers to assist Dubai Police in managing the crisis and safeguarding public safety, the Dubai Police Volunteering Platform played a significant role throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some instances of contributions made by volunteers:

1. Assisting frontline personnel: Dubai Police volunteers have assisted frontline personnel by distributing PPE and sanitizing public spaces.

2. Assisting with public education efforts: Volunteers have assisted with public education initiatives to inform people of the significance of adhering to COVID-19 norms and principles.

3. implementing COVID-19 rules: Dubai Police has received help from volunteers in implementing COVID-19 rules, which include social distance and wearing masks in public.

4. Performing translations to public: To ensure that everyone has access to crucial information about COVID-19: volunteers with language abilities have assisted to provide translation services for residents and tourists who do not speak Arabic.

5. Supporting vulnerable groups: Volunteers have delivered necessities and offered assistance with everyday tasks to vulnerable groups like the elderly and the people of determination.

In general, the Dubai Police Volunteering Platform has played a key role in enlisting the community's aid in supporting Dubai Police's activities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Together, volunteers and law enforcement officials have contributed to protecting the safety of the general public and the health of both residents and visitors in Dubai.


'Efaad' is a platform that aids in disseminating students' knowledge from different nations across the globe, including experiences and talents useful to the scholarship system. [152]

It offers four types of services; services for: Dubai Police Councils, university students, Dubai Police Scholars, employees of Dubai Police.

Since it was formally introduced in 2017 by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council of Dubai, "Efaad," Dubai Police platform for students, has won 12 accolades. The "Efaad" platform has achieved success in gaining recognition on a local, regional, and global level for its interactive smartness educational platform, which draws students from both inside and outside Dubai Police.

As of 2021, the platform has been successful in drawing thousands of learners and education lovers since its beginning. 11,512 college students have signed up for the platform, 31,703 people have used its services, and 181,994 people have browsed the website. In the meantime, Dubai Police has fully financed 1,146 graduates to finish their education.

Esaad Card

The "Esaad" Card was introduced on March 13, 2017, as a distinctive humanitarian community quality effort, covering all sectors that cover the essential and desirable aspects of cardholders' life. [153] It is unique in its services and distinctive in its discounts. As a result, the program helps families save money while also benefiting housing, food catering, restaurants, amusement parks, hotels, travel, shopping centers, and everything else that relates to their needs.

ESAAD Card was introduced as a unique instrument to improve employee happiness and put a smile on their faces. By giving Dubai Police personnel the finest deals and discounts, it seeks to enhance their quality of life and demonstrate its appreciation.

Positive Spirit

The Positive Spirit promotes youth participation in sports as a useful social tool for making the most of free time and instills a culture of sports. Through a variety of cultural, community, and volunteer activities, it boosts the happiness and good vibes of society's citizens. [154]

Along with embracing tolerance and rejecting hatred, Positive Spirit also seeks to coexist in harmony with one another. The Positive Spirit promotes youth participation in sports as a useful social tool for making the most of free time and instills a culture of sports. Through a variety of cultural, community, and volunteer activities, it boosts the happiness and good vibes of members of the community.

As of 2021, a total of 26 community-based programs, 15 seminars and talks, 30 community-based sporting activities, and 7 community-based cultural competitions were organized by Positive Spirit Initiative in the previous year. The Initiative held events and activities in which more than 41,796 people took part and gained a lot, recording a 96% satisfaction score. [155]

Policeman in your Neighborhood

As one of its community policing initiatives, the Dubai Police has introduced the "Policeman in Your Neighborhood" platform, in which a Dubai Police officer serves as a point of contact between locals and visitors to Dubai and the General Command of the Dubai Police to keep an eye on and address issues in residential areas. [156]

The program uses a prevention approach that tackles problems head-on, enhances services, reports on infrastructure to relevant authorities as appropriate, and plans events, after-school activities, and workshops to increase youth awareness.

By creating a strong communication channel to collect complaints and settle disagreements amicably, the initiative's staff had effectively contributed to raising security awareness among Dubai residents and citizens and developing a healthy community relationship. [157] [158]

More than 800 members of the public and members of the Dubai Police have volunteered for the project. The volunteers were selected based on their abilities in language, communication, problem-solving, and collaboration because they will be working directly with their neighbors. [159]


Dubai Police in 2024 initiated the inaugural edition of the "Police Innovation and Leadership" (PIL) Diploma, with the involvement of 46 officers representing 31 countries globally. This program, unique to the region, comprises eight subjects tailored to enhance proficiency in leadership, innovation, and future security sciences.

This initiative is the result of collaboration between Dubai Police's General Department of Training and the Rochester Institute of Technology in Dubai. [160]


In 2011 British tourist Lee Bradley Brown was arrested by the Dubai police and died in prison after 6 days of custody in a controversial manner. [161]

Police have detained protesters many times. Protests are not allowed in the UAE and there is a law banning criticism of the government and police. [162] [163] [164] Furthermore, a US citizen and a group of others were arrested in 2013 after they made a parody video of Dubai. [165]

In 2018, police arrested a UK national, Dr Matthew Hedges on suspicions of spying for the British government.(See Arrest of Matthew Hedges )

In 2019, Dubai Princess Latifa Al Maktoum escaped Dubai with some other people. She was arrested by Indian and Dubai Police, a few kilometres off the coast of India. She was then taken back to Dubai, where she was sedated and subject to imprisonment. [166]

In September 2023, Dubai Police apprehended six individuals and seized over $1 billion worth of captagon, concealed within furniture. [167] The arrestees were allegedly linked to an international criminal network. [167] The concealed drugs were discovered inside 432 furniture panels and 651 iron and wooden doors, constituting a major seizure in the sphere of global captagon trafficking. [167]

In 2024, The Dubai Police, in partnership with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai, the Dubai Municipality, and the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department, launched the "Fight Begging" campaign.

During the first day of Ramadan in March 2024, authorities in Dubai arrested 17 individuals suspected of begging across the city. Begging is considered an offence in Dubai and is linked to outcomes, like committing crimes and exploiting vulnerable people for unlawful gains. [168] As a part of this campaign, March 2024, saw the arrest of 202 beggars (112 males and 90 females) in the city. [169]

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