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Daily News
Thai: อ่านความจริง อ่านเดลินิวส์
( transl. Read the truth, read Daily News)
TypeDaily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Founded (1950-06-24) 24 June 1950 (age 73) as Daily Mail Monday
(1964-03-28) 28 March 1964 (age 59) as Naewna Hang Yuk Daily News [a]
Headquarters Lak Si, Bangkok, Thailand

Daily News ( Thai: เดลินิวส์,pronounced [dēː.lī.nīw(s)]) is a Thai-language daily newspaper published in Bangkok and distributed nationwide. It is the 2nd best-selling newspaper in Thailand. It has a circulation in excess of 850,000 copies daily. [2]


Daily News was founded by Saeng Hetrakul [ th] when he purchased the defunct Krung Thep Daily Mail [ th] newspaper (Thai edition of the Bangkok Daily Mail) which has ceased publication in 1932 and relaunched it as Daily Mail Monday ( Thai: เดลิเมล์วันจันทร์) it was first published weakly than as a daily. Daily Mail Monday was forced to close down in 1958.

It was refounded as Naewna Hang Yuk Daily News ( Thai: แนวหน้าแห่งยุคเดลินิวส์) in 1964 and later shortened it name to just Daily News in 1979.


  1. ^ The newspaper considers this date as their date of establishment. [1] As it was the date that the paper was refound after bring forced to close down by the order of Field Marshal Sarit Thanarat


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