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Halford Crucible.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedJune 25, 2002
Genre Heavy metal, groove metal, thrash metal
Label Metal-is Records, Metal God Records
Producer Roy Z
Halford chronology
Live Insurrection
Metal God Essentials, Vol. 1
Alternative cover
2010 remixed and remastered edition cover
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Crucible is the second studio album by the heavy metal band Halford released in 2002. A remixed and remastered edition was released in 2010. In contrast with the retrospective approach of the previous Halford album, Resurrection, Crucible was an intentional effort to depart from the traditional metal themes. [2] [3] The album has been described as "harder, darker, and more moody than Resurrection". [3]

Track listing

1."Park Manor" (instrumental) Rob Halford, Roy Z, John Baxter1:11
2."Crucible"Halford, Z4:26
3."One Will"Halford, Patrick Lachman, Z, Mike Chlasciak, Bobby Jarzombek, Baxter3:32
4."Betrayal"Halford, Lachman, Riendeau3:04
5."Handing Out Bullets"Halford, Lachman, Jarzombek3:16
6."Hearts of Darkness"Halford, Z, Baxter3:48
7."Crystal"Halford, Z, Baxter4:37
8."Heretic"Halford, Chlasciak3:49
9."Golgotha"Halford, Lachman, Chlasciak, Baxter4:20
10."Wrath of God"Halford, Lachman, Chlasciak, Jarzombek3:11
11."Weaving Sorrow"Halford, Lachman, Baxter3:28
12."Sun"Halford, Z, Baxter3:48
13."Trail of Tears"Halford, Lachman, Z, Chlasciak, Riendeau, Jarzombek, Baxter5:56
Limited edition bonus tracks
14."She"Halford, Lachman, Chlasciak4:01
15."Fugitive"Halford, Lachman, Z4:01
Japanese edition bonus tracks
14."Rock the World Forever"Halford, Lachman, Baxter3:07
15."In the Morning"Halford2:25

2010 Remixed and Remastered edition

1."Betrayal"Halford, Lachman, Riendeau3:04
2."One Will"Halford, Z, Baxter, Lachman, Chlasciak, Jarzombek3:32
3."Hearts of Darkness"Halford, Z, Baxter3:51
4."Golgotha"Halford, Chlasciak, Baxter4:23
5."Handing Out Bullets"Halford, Chlasciak, Lachman, Jarzombek3:15
6."Crystal"Halford, Z, Baxter4:47
7."Fugitive"Halford, Lachman, Z, Baxter4:01
8."Wrath of God"Halford, Lachman, Chlasciak, Jarzombek3:12
9."In the Morning"Halford2:21
10."Rock the World Forever"Halford, Lachman, Baxter3:11
11."Crucible"Halford, Z4:38
12."Heretic"Halford, Chlasciak3:53
13."She"Halford, Lachman4:04
14."Weaving Sorrow"Halford, Lachman3:27
15."Sun"Halford, Z, Baxter3:48
16."Trail of Tears"Halford, Riendeau, Z, Baxter, Chlasciak, Jarzombek, Lachman4:27



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