Christmas in New York

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"Christmas in New York"
Song by John Wesley Shipp
Language English
Genre Christmas
Songwriter(s) Billy Butt
Christmas in New York

"Christmas in New York" is a Christmas song written by Billy Butt at the piano of the Church of Sweden in New York in 1979. [1] It was recorded by John Wesley Shipp and released as a single in 1982, with " The Christmas Song" on its B-side. [2]

The English-language version was performed annually between 1986 and 2002 by The Rockettes during the Radio City Christmas Spectacular in New York City. [3] Lyrically, the song describes New York City in Christmas time. [4] It was recorded by Loa Falkman, as "It's Christmas in New York", on his 1990 Christmas album Julstämning. [5] US jazz singer Linda Bianchi covered it on her 2009 Christmas album, Christmas in New York. [6]

Jul i Gamla stan

The Swedish-language version, recorded by the Glennmarks Family on the 1983 holiday album, Från advent till jul, is called "Jul i Gamla stan", [7] with lyrics by Monica Forsberg reflecting Christmas in Stockholm's gamla stan. It was covered by (among others) Sten & Stanley [8] (1986), Jan Malmsjö (1987), [9] Hasse Andersson (1996) [10] and Cyndee Peters (1986). [11]


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