California state tartan

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The California state tartan is the official Scottish Tartan pattern of California, created July 23, 2001 and defined under law in California Government Code § 424.3(a):

(a) The tartan defined in subdivision (b) is the official State Tartan, and may be claimed by any resident of the state.

(b) The official State Tartan is generally described as a pattern or sett consisting of alternate squares of meadow-green and Pacific blue that are separated and surrounded by narrow charcoal bands. The squares of meadow-green are divided by a gold seam that is supported by charcoal lines on each side. There are three redwood stripes, the middle of which is broader, that are added to each side of the gold seam. The Pacific blue square is divided by a sky-blue stripe, which is supported on each side by charcoal lines.

The California State Tartan

The tartan is specifically defined by the following weave code:

Y..B..G...S..G...S..G...S..G...B...A...B..K...  Ancient Colors
8..2..20..4..20..8..20..4..20..32..56..2..8...  Full Pivots

This weave code means that the threads begin with 8 threads of yellow, followed by 2 threads of black, 20 threads of green, 4 threads of scarlet, 20 threads of green, 8 threads of scarlet, 20 threads of green, 4 threads of scarlet, 20 threads of green, 32 threads of black, 56 threads of azure, 2 threads of black, and 8 threads of sky blue. At that point the weave pivots and returns, beginning with 2 threads of black, and continuing the sequence in reverse order through 8 threads of yellow, at which point it pivots back again.

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