Beaujon_Hospital Latitude and Longitude:

48°54′30″N 2°18′37″E / 48.90833°N 2.31028°E / 48.90833; 2.31028
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Beaujon Hospital
Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris
The rear façade of the hospital.
Location Clichy, Paris, France
Coordinates 48°54′30″N 2°18′37″E / 48.90833°N 2.31028°E / 48.90833; 2.31028
NetworkHôpitaux Universitaires Paris Nord Val de Seine
Emergency departmentYes
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The Beaujon Hospital ( French: Hôpital Beaujon) is located in Clichy, Paris, France and is operated by APHDP. [1] It was named after Nicolas Beaujon, an eighteenth-century French banker. It opened in 1935 and was designed by Jean Walter. [2]

In 2023, the project to merge the Bichat–Claude Bernard Hospital and the Beaujon Hospital to create the Grand Paris-Nord Hospital in Saint-Ouen was cancelled. [3]


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