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Ōta Ward
Night view of Kamata, Ōta
Night view of Kamata, Ōta
Flag of Ōta
Official seal of Ōta
Location of Ōta in Tokyo Metropolis
Location of Ōta in Tokyo Metropolis
Ōta is located in Japan
Location in Japan
Coordinates: 35°33′41″N 139°42′58″E / 35.56139°N 139.71611°E / 35.56139; 139.71611
Latitude and Longitude:

35°33′41″N 139°42′58″E / 35.56139°N 139.71611°E / 35.56139; 139.71611
Region Kantō
Prefecture Tokyo Metropolis
 • MayorTadayoshi Matsubara (since April 2007)
 • Total59.46 km2 (22.96 sq mi)
 (October 1, 2020 [1])
 • Total748,081
 • Density12,332/km2 (31,940/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+09:00 ( JST)
City hall address5-13-14 Kamata
Bird Cettia diphone
Flower Prunus mume
Tree Cinnamomum camphora
Ōta ward office

Ōta (大田区, Ōta-ku) is a special ward located in Tokyo Metropolis, Japan. In English, it is often called Ōta City.

As of June 1, 2016, the ward has an estimated population of 716,413, with 379,199 households and a population density of 12,048.65 persons per km2. The total area is 59.46 km2, the largest of the special wards.

Ōta's hub is situated around the two stations Kamata and Keikyū Kamata, where the Ōta Ward Office and central Post Office can be found.

Districts and neighborhoods


The ward was founded on March 15, 1947, merging the old wards of Ōmori and Kamata.

Haneda Airport, now the main domestic airport for the Greater Tokyo Area, was first established as Haneda Airfield in 1931 in the town of Haneda, Ebara District of Tokyo Prefecture. In 1945, it became Haneda Army Air Base under the control of the United States Army. In the same year, the Occupation ordered the expansion of the airport, evicting people from the surroundings on 48 hours' notice. With the end of the occupation, the Americans returned part of the facility to Japanese control in 1952, completing the return in 1958. Haneda Airport in Ōta was the major international airport for Tokyo, and handled traffic for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

Politics and government

The city is run by a city assembly of 50 elected members. The current mayor is Tadayoshi Matsubara.


The southernmost of the 23 special wards, Ōta borders the special wards of Shinagawa, Meguro and Setagaya to the north, and Kōtō to the east. Across the Tama River in Kanagawa Prefecture is the city of Kawasaki, forming the boundaries to the south and west.







Canon headquarters
Toyoko Inn headquarters in Kamata
Sega original headquarters. After its offices were relocated to Shinagawa in January 2018, the original office in Ota was later sold in February 2019 and will likely be torn down.

The following companies have their headquarters in Ōta.

Former operations

Namco, best known for video game franchises such as Pac-Man, Galaxian, and Ace Combat, were headquartered in Ota. [12] The company moved its operations there in 1985, using the funds generated from the successful Family Computer port of Xevious to fund the construction of its office. [13] [14] The building was taken over by Namco Bandai Games after it absorbed Namco in 2006, and later by an unrelated Namco company that focused on video arcades and theme parks. The newer Namco company moved out of the building in 2014 and it was demolished two years later. [13]

Prior to the merger with Japan Airlines, [15] Japan Air System had its headquarters by Tokyo International Airport in Ōta. [16]

In 2000 All Nippon Airways was headquartered by Tokyo International Airport in Ōta. [17] In 2002 Air Nippon was headquartered on the fifth floor of the Utility Center Building (ユーティリティセンタービル, Yūtiriti Sentā Biru) by Tokyo International Airport in Ōta. [18] The ANA subsidiary Air Nippon Network was also based at the airport. [19]

Before its dissolution, Galaxy Airlines was headquartered in the ARC Building on the airport grounds. [20]

Sega and its parent company Sega Sammy Holdings, best known for its Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, was originally headquartered in Ota. However, Sega Sammy Holdings announced in April 2017 that it would relocate its head office functions and domestic subsidiaries to Shinagawa-ku by January 2018. This was to consolidate scattered head office functions including Sega Sammy Holdings, Sammy Corporation, Sega Holdings, Sega Games, Atlus, Sammy Network, and Dartslive. After the relocation to Shinagawa-ku was complete, Sega's previous headquarters in Ōta was later sold in February 2019 and will likely be torn down.

Gakken was headquartered in Ota from 1962 until 2008 when they moved their headquarters to Shinagawa-ku. [21]


Colleges and universities

High schools

The following public high schools are located in Ōta, operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Board of Education.

Private high schools include Tokyo High School and Tokyo Jitsugyo High School.

Elementary and junior high schools

Public elementary and junior high schools are operated by Ōta Ward.

International schools

Previously the Deutsche Schule Tokyo was in the ward. [23] The school is now in Yokohama.


The city operates several libraries, including: [24]

  • Ota Library (the main library)
  • Hamatake Library
  • Haneda Library
  • Ikegami Library
  • Kamata Library
  • Kamata Ekimae Library
  • Kugahara Library
  • Magome Library
  • Omori East Library
  • Omori South Library
  • Omori West Library
  • Rokugo Library
  • Senzokuike Library
  • Shimomaruko Library
  • Tamagawa Library

Sister cities

Ōta has a sister city relationship with Salem, Massachusetts. The discovery of a shell mound in Ōmori, one of the forerunners of Ōta, by Edward S. Morse, director of the museum in Salem, occasioned the tie. Ōta has a friendship link with Chaoyang District, Beijing, China. Ōta has a sister city relationship with Lafayette, Indiana. [25]

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